Travelguide Amsterdam

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Hello there. Or how we say it; Hallo. Yes, double ll, not the Beyonce song. Anyway, lets get going. If you’re planning on going to Amsterdam soon, its just your luck, since this will be a travelguide completely focused on Amsterdam, created by moi, as an almost local. Since its the city where my university is located I know the ins, and most certainly the outs as well, but lets be honest, a pretty city like Amsterdam isn’t here to bore ya.

So lets just say you start your day at Amsterdam Central station, one of the biggest stations of the country, makes sense since its the capital but yeah. From amsterdam central you can take the boat (its free, and since we all love those kind of things, take it it saves you a riverboat tour) to a few places and one of them is the ndsm werf. This place shows you the ‘rough’ side of Amsterdam and is located in the North of the city, the boat takes you there in roughly twenty minutes. The place is often used for photoshoots and I can’t blame them. The view of the IJ river is perfect from this place and after exploring or shooting there are lots of places where you can sit down and relax for example; IJ kantine, Noorderlicht or Pllek.

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After sitting, chatting and enjoying the view its time to move on. Head back to Amsterdam Central and walk towards the public library, also called the OBA; Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (Public library Amsterdam). Take an escalator or elevator to the sixth floor and walk the last one to have one of the best views of Amsterdam. Its with a reason that I loved studying there, since everytime I was tired I looked at the view and good enough energy again (unless I was really exhausted, happened quite often though).

Head your way to Prinseneiland by walking passed the bikeflat in front of the central station. Prinseneiland is gorgeous in my opinion, and the best part, there are barely any or actually no tourists to find, but that probably has something to do with the fact that there are not a lot places to sit and drink something, unless you know people who are living there.

From there go to the Westerpark. The parks are in my opinion especially gorgeous when it’s autumn, but they are in general quite pretty during the entire year. And after that walk your way to de Jordaan.

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After that I would recommend you to walk through several districts; de Staatsliedenbuurt, de Jordaan (For food: try Koevoet, they do not have a website and Bordewijk), de Pijp, Overtoom, Brouwerij ‘t ij, Zuid van Berlage and het Oostelijk havengebied. Also if you like shopping de Utrechtsestraat and Overtoom are both great, of course you can join the huge pile of people in the Kalverstraat (next to damsquare) but its so incredibly crowded and there is just a certain vibe missing that I prefer these parts.

When you’re in de Pijp( DO NOT, I repeat do not skip FA Pekelhaaring. You’ll be even more in love with Italian food once you went here) go to the Albert Cuyp market since you obviously can’t miss that and I like it as well, but be prepared, massive groups of tourists are here daily. It feels more and more like Portobello in London, which means its great but too crowded. Eat poffertjes, stroopwafels, kibbeling and kroketten until it makes you sick, its so worth it. Okay, not too much. If you want to have a different lunch and sit down I would recommend you de Ysbreeker. I’ve spent (god knows how much) a lot of afternoons and lunches here, just sitting next to the Amstelriver with good company and amazing food.


If you want to have a good steak or burger for dinner try Loetje, one of the best places for steak together with Piet de Leeuw. The Butcher is the best place for burgers in Amsterdam, located in the middle of the Albert Cuyp market. Also try Cafe Noir, which is a place where lots of students always come, they have great soup and the vibe is just perfectly chilled out.

Nearby the Albert Cuyp market is actually another one which is called de Dappermarkt, I prefer this one. When you’re around there anyway make sure to stop at the Tropenmuseum, when you continue walking and go to another park; Oosterpark.

You can find the best pizza at De Pizzabakkers , no joke. Confirmed by my Italian friends. And for the healthy one under us, try Sla, they’ve got good, no wait skip that, amazing salads. Bagels and Beans is perfect with their bagels and the coffeecompany is a perfect place to just sit back and enjoy that coffee, or to get some work done, you won’t be the only one who is working there.

When you want to go clubbing I prefer The Chicago Social club (21+), Paradise, de Melkweg, The Sugar Factory, Club Up, Cafe Bubbles and Het feest van Joop. Just sitting and relaxing for a drink is possible at lots of places but Hannekes Boom is almost everyones favorite place, and that’s for a good reason. Located almost next to the big library and next to the Amstel river you find this a perfect place for a drink and bite.

Overall, just relax when you’re here and if you are renting a bike be prepared: We won’t stop for you. It might sound rude but that is how it works, otherwise there would be lots of trafficjams in the city. And listen to the bells of the bicycles, they are there for a reason haha. Without a joke, enjoy the food, the people, the vibe, the nightlife and our culture. It will be really ‘gezellig’. Have fun, or in other words ‘veel plezier’.