The most amazing spring/summer 2014 campaigns

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valentino campaign ss14

It’s that time of the year again. The spring and summer collections of last catwalkseason are slowly getting into the stores like Harrods, Zara and H&M, the music gets less depressive and I’m starting to miss hating the summer heat . And for me, that’s also the time of the year to have a lovely post on my blog about the spring and summer campaigns which I absolutely adore and most important. Why I adore them.

There are a lot campaigns I like, so it’s not that I don’t like the other campaigns, but these are in my mind just a bit more, I don’t know, me?

First of is Phillipp Plein. He is just an absolute legend, no doubt about it. I don’t know how he and his team came up with this idea but I totally love it. The models in the cast of Philipp Pleins campaign all have a darker skin, and I totally dig the fact that he used this as a point to prove a something very important. The fact that black models aren’t that wanted in the fashionindustry makes he totally dissapear for a bit and after that people realize it again, it needs to change a bit since it looks like there’s still some discrimination going on in this industry. Philipp Plein thrives on provocation and going against the status quo, something that I really admire of him.

Then Alexander Wang. He is just a god, seriously. His campaign for his own brand is just insane, so different but yet so incredible. I was looking at his campaign when it appeared for the first time online and I seriously didn’t know what to think about it. At first I was like: Whut? Really? A bathroom in a nightclub? This is different. And right after those thoughts I was thinking this: Genius. And that’s exactly what it is. The lighting is perfect, the model is just perfect, the setting is legendary and the clothes are so easy to wear and so comfortable but so damn likable again. Yes, Alexander Wang strikes again. And this was only his own collection, because there is another one of course. Balenciaga is beautiful as well but so different from the Alexander Wang ¬†campaign but that’s just because the brand is a total different story.¬†And the Balenciaga campaign is so subtle and classy which I am deeply in love with.

The campaign of Mulberry is so smooth and it feels like you’re seeing a piece of Alice in Wonderland with the incredible Cara Delevingne. What I like about Cara is the fact that she doesn’t takes herself to seriously and she’s just an amazing model of course. But the Mulberry campaign is something chic, classy and fantasy. And that last part makes the campaign even more amazing. When I’m looking at these pictures I’m dreaming, I think of things and I most importantly dream. That’s what Alice in Wonderland is all about right? To dream and to see that things can actually happen if you work for it, and I think that’s an amazing message.

Valentino, oh Valentino. Once again, stunning! The campaign is so elegant, romantic and classy, don’t forget the clothes since they’re absolutely stunning. The scenery is just perfect, it looks even a bit like the models (which includes one Dutchie, yeaaah Dutchies rule!) are on a different planet, which they’re not just to make sure. I’ve always loved the campaigns of Valentino and once again, they’re amazing.

There is one campaign which is very simple, clean and at the same time big and beautiful but still so serene. It’s Prada of course, the incredibly cast, which includes two Dutchies, the setting, everything is just perfect. And don’t forget about the clothes shall we, because I think we can all agree that Prada is doing an amazing job every, single year and the summer and spring collection is just epic. No other words needed.

All the pictures are below and of course not shot by me, duh, that would’ve been quite amazing though. So who knows, my future plans are still open.

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valentino campaign ss14

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