Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

The best places to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season

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Tulip season in The Netherlands/Holland is the absolute top, of the top, of high season and that means that not much accommodation is available. Which is why you should book in advance during tulipseason. And to make it easier for you guys to choose, I compiled a list of the best places to stay, during tulipseason in the North of The Netherlands (the North Holland area). Mind you, there are not that many places to stay in the area, so it is in general more expensive because it will be sold out anyway. Here, in Noord- Holland are the most of the tulipfields of The Netherlands located, but without the tourists of the areas such as Lisse.  As you probably noticed, this is a follow up on my popular article ‘Where and how to see the tulips in The Netherlands as a local’. Give it a go and read it. You’re welcome.

Also, just for the transparency, there are affiliate links in this article. However, there will be no extra costs for people who decide to book via my link, because I don’t screw you guys over. Which also would be very weird, if you look at the other meaning of the word. I just get a percentage from, in this case,

There are many villages and cities throughout De Kop van Noord-Holland where you can stay during tulip season. From the cute city of Alkmaar to the small village of Nieuwe Niedorp. This entire part of the province has many typical Dutch windmills. But also endless fields of grass and crops, cows and sheep. Thousands of little creeks connected with each other, big lakes and small lakes. You will see all of this while driving a few meters below sea level, on the road. The experience will be mindblowing, especially during tulip season. So let’s get into the accommodation during tulip season in The Netherlands.

Keep in mind that all accommodations are non-smoking, you can smoke outside the house or apartment. Clean up your shit though. Also, most places have free parking on the property or on the streets that surround it, except for in the bigger cities as Alkmaar. 

Anna Paulowna

Anna Paulowna is a small city with almost 7400 residents. Anna Paulowna and its surroundings almost completely exist out of tulip fields during spring. There is also a poldertuin (a small keukenhof, again without the tourists) in the small city itself, with thousands of tulips. It is a calm, small city with a river flowing through the middle of Anna Paulowna.

There are several options when it comes to choosing your accommodation in Anna Paulowna, whether it is during tulip season or not.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Bob van der Zwaag (Flickr)

First of we have Boerderij de Waard . This is a small farm and bed & breakfast where you will be completely at peace after a long day of looking for tulips. There is free wifi, free parking and pets are allowed. That, I think, is awesome and I would probably not leave the b&b if everyone brought their pets. Don’t run away from me kitty, let me pet you.

And the best part is, it is only 72 euros per person a night, including breakfast. A bedroom for two people starts at 90 euros a night, in total. There is no chance to use bicycles from this b&b, however, you can rent them in the city center. Kooij tweewielers is a 20 minute walk from the trainstation. Sent them an email ahead of time so there is a bike for you, as it can get busy.

Second there is  De Flevohoeve , where they even have a trampoline. You know what that means. partytime. There is free wifi, free parking and the possibility to rent a bike that they have on-site. Breakfast will be in your room and they also have an outside pool. This accommodation is a few kilometres outside Anna Paulowna located, perfect for the tulip fields, and it is still worth a stay as they have bicycles you can rent. The price is 97,50 euros a night for two people.  There is even a room for three people, that is priced at 132,50 euros a night.

B&B De Kleihorst is another great place. This b&b is also a few kilometeres outside of Anna Paulowna, however they have free bicycles at the property. They also allow pets, have free wifi and free parking. There is a big garden with a fireplace and all of that for 75 euros a night. You can stay with two people in one room for 75 euros.  If you are alone you can stay there by yourself, but unfortunately also for the same price of 75 euros.


The small town of Callantsoog has one of my most favorite beaches to go to and around 2400 residents. There were already people living in the area of Callantsoog before the year 980. However, the current town of Callantsoog was established after a big flood in 1570. The flood destroyed the previous villages and the residents had to flee. They fled and created a new settlement, Callantsoog.

The town itself is small, but has a lot of tourists in the summer. However, outside the center it is an immediate change of atmosphere. Little lambs running all over the fields, tulip fields everywhere and dunes in the background. Seeing all of this while hearing the sound of the sea is truly magical. You can rent bikes at Harrys tweewielers or at Kroon tweewielers.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Johan Wieland (Flickr)

De Wolken Boerderij If you are searching for a big house where you can stay with, at most, ten people, then this farm is a great pick. There is free wifi, the dunes of Callantsoog are closeby and the surroundings are really green. You will be calm after spending a few days in this house. For the entire house you will pay 279,50 euros a night. Expensive? Depends. If you come here with the entire family it will only be 27,95 euros per person per night.

Bed & Breakfast aan Zee For one person the price is 121,50 euros a night, which is fairly expensive I have to admit that. However, the location is absolutely perfect, and during high season the prices won’t be going down much in Callantsoog. The amount also includes breakfast with fresh products from their own garden and free wifi. If you come with two people in total, there is a room for 135 euros a night, which cuts down the costs per person a lot. The only downside is that the bathrooms are shared.

‘t Zand

‘t Zand is a village that first emerged in the beginning of the 18th century. In 1733 the main road of the village, de Bosweg, existed out of approximately ten houses. Nowadays it is a little bigger, otherwise there wouldn’t be four good places to stay during tulip season. The village has one of the last remaining floating bridges of North- Holland, The Netherlands and, the world. You won’t see any bridges like the floating bridges, we have here, in other parts of the world. The bridge basically floats on water, simple as that.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Johan Wieland (Flickr)

Hotel The Ark The hotel is 60 euros a night for one person. If you’re with two people the price will be 130 euros per night. The breakfast is deemed pretty good, and the hotel even has its own bar. Besides that they offer free wifi and you can contact them to rent bicycles off-site.

B&B Nomad This bed and breakfast is priced at 47,50 euros a night per person, including a good breakfast. But wait, there is more. After a day cycling through the tulipfields of one of the most Northern provinces in The Netherlands you need some relaxation time. They have a sauna. For you. Alone. If you are not going to book it, then I will.

Bungalow Callantsoog This is actually a holidayhome where a maximum of five people are allowed. They allow pets, have free wifi and it sets you back  87 euros a night.

’t Achterom This is a typical, Noord-Holland style farm. And it is big. If you want to spend some time in between the tulip fields with a big group of friends or some family members, then this is perfect. It hosts up to ten people and has free wifi, but also a big garden.  It is 251,50 euro a night. I know, that’s a lot of money. However, if you occupy the house with ten people that sets you back only 25 euros per person a night.

Nieuwe Niedorp

Nieuwe Niedorp is a small town with approximately 2700 residents. When you walk through the main street you cannot believe your eyes that this town exists since 1206. In 1415 the small town got their borough rights together with another village called Oude Niedorp. Together it was called Stede Niedorp (Cities Niedorp).

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

De Logeerkamer This bed and breakfast is located in the cute, but small town of Nieuwe Niedorp. It has a really great location, supermarkets are close and it is a very calm area (I should know as a local, as I’m not telling you bullshit). It is 69 euros a night for one person and 95 euros for two people. Besides that, there is free wifi, breakfast is included and they have cycling information. The tulip fields are waiting to be discovered.


Schagen is a lovely city with a charming city center, and as of now, the city has a bit over 46 thousand residents. Not many tourists come to this city, but from Schagen you can see the tulips and head to the North Sea in a day.  Schagen has been talked about since the year 989, but officially got a borough charter in 1415. De Markt is where most of the cafes and restaurants are located, and gives it the typical Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ vibe. Meaning, something like cosy, but not really.  Sometimes there are non-translatable words in a language, sorry. Learn Dutch and you will get it.

Seeking accommodations in Schagen can be difficult during peak season, aka tulip season, therefore I’m helping you with the best places to stay in Schagen during tulip season.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

B&B Tjallewal  This bed and breakfast is priced at 75 euros a night. This price is not per person, but for one room. So if you come with two people the price will be also 75 euros a night, but for the two of you. There is free wifi and the possibilities are there to rent bicycles (off-site). They will tell you where you can get them. If you want to have a bicycle already, go to this article to see where you can rent a bicycle in Schagen.

WeidezichtThis is a lovely place to stay for 80 euros a night. They offer bikes for rent, off site. Also, they offer canoeing for an additional charge. In my opinion canoeing through the canals in my area is simply beautiful. So if you have the chance, take it. Besides that there is free wifi.

Keins Schagen is actually a complete house. It has one bedroom with two single beds. Besides that it has four more bedrooms (!) with double beds. Maximum eight people are allowed in at the same time, so if you are having a friends vacation in my country this house will suit you just fine. It is 250 euros a night, but divided between eight it is only 31,25 per person. Free wifi is also available here.

Het Torenhuys offers a cute room for 95 euros a night for two people. Breakfast is unfortunately not included and will cost you 12,50 extra. There is free wifi, and you are able to rent bikes on-site.


This small town with almost 2000 residents is located quite close to the beautiful city of Schagen. The town dates back to at least 1708. It is a combination of quaint and calm, lambs and cows, bicycles and boats. Sounds pretty awful to me.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

B&B De Overnachting is a perfect stay for petlovers. It allows pets, has bikes available for rent on-site and is 95 euros a night for two people. If there are more of you, they also rent out studios for four people.


Petten is a village that originally dated back to 1421, although at the same place a previous village was built in the year 739. In 1943 the entire old village from the year 1421 was broken down by the Germans (those Germans. They should’ve just stuck to football) for the creation of the Atlantikwall during the second world war. This was a line of defense stretching from the Northern part of Norway untill the Southern part of France.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

Holiday Home Duinhuis Petten This is a big house where you can stay with a maximum of six guests. Because it is so spacious it costs 160 euros a night, but if you divide it between six people it will only costs you 26,67 euro per night. There is free wifi and pets are allowed. Besides that, it has a wonderful location.

Studio Wolken, Wind en Water This studio is at a very good location as well and you can rent bicycles from the owner. There is free wifi and pets are also allowed to stay in this studio in Petten. For two people the price for one night is 75 euros, however I found that there is a small difference in the price between high and low season.


If you are looking for a calm place where the forests connect with the North Sea, then Schoorl is the right place for you. From Schoorl you can cycle to tulipfields in other parts of North-Holland. This town has around 4500 residents and brings you the closest to the most famous dunes of The Netherlands. It dates back to the tenth century where it was named Scorla.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

Koetshuis 34 For 85 euros a night (one person) and 95 a night for two people Koetshuis 34 is a cute and less expensive place than many other places in Schoorl. The price includes breakfast and wifi. Besides that they offer the rent of bicycles. It is located next to the forest and therefore on close to the dunes.

B&B Het Oude Atelier This bed & breakfast is less expensive for one person, but more expensive for two in comparison to the other accommodation. For one person B&B Het Oude Atelier is priced at 67,50 euro a night. For two people the price starts at 145 euros. Keep in mind this is including breakfast and wifi. There are also studios for four people available.

l’Amour Pur This place is close to the main attraction of Schoorl; Het Klimduin. This is the tallest dune of the country which ends up on a square in the middle of the small town. It is where we used to go for schooltrips and roll of the dune with eating sand for lunch as the result. l’Amour Pur is an apartment for three people, which is priced at 140 euros a night, so 46 euros per person. They also offer the rental of bicycles.

Robs Cottage This has one of the best locations of all places in the small city of Schoorl. Priced at 93 euros a night for two people it isn’t the most expensive, especially for its location. They allow pets in the property which is great for a walk in the forest and on the beaches (keep in mind, you are not allowed to walk everywhere with your dog). There is also free wifi available.

Den Helder

Den Helder is the most Northern part of the province Noord-Holland (North- Holland). Currently the city of Den Helder has around 56.000 residents. The oldest part of the city, called Huisduinen, dates back to the 8th century. Because of several floods and the destruction of the old city center by Nazi Germany the Den Helder of today exists mostly out of rebuilt (historic) houses after 1945.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Elm3r (Flickr)

B&B Gastvrij This bed & breakfast is 75 euros a night for two people. Very reasonably priced and offers free wifi.

Hotel Cape Horn This hotel sets you 45 euros a night back per person. If you happen to be with two people it is 60 euros a night, including breakfast and free wifi. Besides it is located around 800 m from the trainstation.

Bbstudio3 is located around 750 m from the trainstation and has something extra to offer. With extra I mean really extra, so take your best clothes with you, because they offer a free photoshoot if you stay five or more nights. There is also free wifi, bicycle renting and it is 75 euros a night for two people. But dude. Photoshoot. That’s crazy.

Egmond aan Zee

They say that the year 977 was the beginning of Egmond aan Zee. The people  developed it and turned it into a real fisherman village. However, due to floods as it is located just behind the dunes and the North sea, the village was destroyed several times over the period of a few centuries. The current town of Egmond aan Zee dates back from the 18th century (although not all buildings do) and has around 2000 residents.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
A. Westra (Flickr)

B&B la vida starts with prices of 79 euros a night, for two people. Breakfast is included and, there is free wifi.

Kerstins Bed &Breakfast This cute bed & breakfast is 38 euros a night for one person, including breakfast. So it is definitely a bargain. It is only 58 euros for two people. Free wifi is also included.

Egmond Binnen

The village of Egmond Binnen originated from the village Hallum many centuries ago. In the 10th century the name slowly evolved into Ecmunde and eventually Egmont Binne over the course of five centuries. Nowadays it has around 2600 residents.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Johan Wieland (Flickr)

Stayokay Egmond This is basically a hostel, but a better one than most. It is environmental friendly and is priced at 27 euros a night for a dorm with six people. During tulip season this hostel in Egmond Binnen is surrounded by tulipfields. Without the tourists, but with endless tulipfields you will be happy that a local send you to the less known places. You’re welcome, I will sent you the bill later.  There is free wifi and the possibility to rent bikes. Besides that there is an atm located inside the hostel, which is pretty darn great if you ask me.

Huisje Vitalis This place offers massages. Yes. It is quite nice to get one after your 40 km bike ride. They are not free, which is logical. Otherwise they would find me there every weekend. The property is priced at 105 euro a night for two people, with free wifi included.

Sint Maartensvlotbrug

Sint Maartensvlotbrug is a village that has around 700 residents. It is most famous for it’s floating bridge which used to be typical for this part of The Netherlands. However, nowadays only a few are still used and not broken apart. During the 20th century Sint Maartensvlotbrug slowly evolved into a village.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

Idylle aan Zee is a wonderful bed & breakfast.  You can rent bicycles at the accommodation to cycle alongside all the tulipfields of Noord-Holland (North- Holland). The price is 85 euros a night for two people, including breakfast and free wifi.


People think that the city of Heiloo exists since the year 720, but they don’t know exactly. What is known is that Willibrord (a priest) came to Heiloo around the 7th century. Much history isn’t clear in between the 7th century and the 17th century. While the rest is going to be a mystery for the next decade or two, nowadays it is a cute city and has 22.000 residents in its council with all the surrounding neighbourhoods and hamlets.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Heiloo online (Flickr)

B&B Het Groene Veldt As you can see bed & breakfasts are kind of my thing. It is much more personal and the local can give you great tips. This b&b Het Groene Veldt is located in Heiloo and costs 131,50 a night for two people. Breakfast, private parking, wifi and some bikes are free available. If the bikes are not there you can also rent bikes at their place.

Groote Keeten

This village is located right at the beach, which is great when at all times. When it’s windy and you need to blow of some steam, wind that comes in your face with 50km an hour helps really good. The current village exists only since the 1600s because of the creation of polders (dry parts of lands where there used to be water).  Before that the village wouldn’t stand a chance against the water. Currently it has around 300 residents.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Tim Zelle (Flickr)

Strandleven is located in the village of Groote Keeten and offers a spacious accommodation with free wifi. Pets are welcome, although I’m not sure until what extend. I think you should leave your horse or great big white at home. On site they have a restaurant where they do not accept creditcards, so keep in mind you should have some euros in cash with you. For two people in a room the price is 90 euros a night.

Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten has currently around 900 residents and is during springtime located in the middle of tulip fields in the Northern part of The Netherlands. Tulips will be everywhere. This village dates back to the year 1250, however, during that time it was located next to the sea.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

‘t Atelier is an apartment in Sint Maarten. And not just an apartment. If you are feeling tired after your exploration of the tulip madness, you do not need to do any dishes. There is a dishwasher. An oven, a coffee machine, kettle, etc. Of course free wifi is also available. An apartment for two people costs 99 euro a night. Another option is the apartment for four people, which costs 135 euro a night.


The city of Alkmaar is one of the most Southern places on this list, and only 40 minutes by train away from Amsterdam. Alkmaar has a very long history as the city itself already dates back to the 10th century. In 1254 Alkmaar got its borough rights. Nowadays it has a central location in the province of North- Holland with lakes around 10 kilometers away. While in the early days Alkmaar was actually surrounded by lakes. Until we decided to not give a shit about water anymore.  As of today the city has around 89.000 residents.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

Kings Inn City Hostel & Hotel Alkmaar With 18-20 euros a night for a mixed dorm with eight people, this isn’t an expensive hostel for The Netherlands terms. There is free wifi, and it is located in the middle of the center. The hotel starts at 79 euros a night. They also offer a rental service for bicycles which is great if you want to explore your surroundings in Alkmaar and beyond.

Soepper B&B. Just as a warning, you will want to eat everything in the lunchroom that they have called Soepp. Priced at 85 euros a night, it is located in the middle of the center of Alkmaar. Breakfast is of course included, free wifi and it is located 100 meters away from the Dutch Cheese museum.

Casa de Palmas is a cute place with a very friendly host in Alkmaar. Although it is not in the middle of the center it would still be worth to stay there as it will be calmer. For 86 euros a night for two people, with free wifi and the possibility to rent bicycles to look for tulipfields, it seems like a pretty good place.

Pension Onassis offers a room for two with a shared bathroom for 80 euros a night. Breakfast is included. If you want to spoil yourself a night, they also offer suites that start at 125 euros. Yes, with your own bathroom. It should be there for that price anyway. The accommodation is really close to the city center of Alkmaar, has lovely staff and has free wifi.

College Hotel Alkmaar starts at 109,50 euros a night for two people, however, it often has deals of 80 euros a night. The rooms are spacious and have a perfect location in the city. Breakfast is included and they offer the chance to rent bikes so you can explore The Netherlands and the tulipfields like a true Dutchie.


With only around 180 residents Eenigenburg isn’t the biggest village in the province of North- Holland.  Far from that actually. However, the village is filled with history as it, as far as we know, dates back to at least the year of 1289.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.

Gastenverblijf Eenigenburg, You can stay here for 40 euros a night, which is great. The breakfast is another 7,50 extra, but worth it. Also, there is the possiblity to rent bicycles on-site and free wifi is available.


Bergen exists since at least the 8th century. This town has nowadays around 12.000 residents, however in 1840 it only had 239 residents. The town of Bergen used to be called a schildersdorp (painters village), and was especially good in expressionisme. If you are interested in painters, Bergen (not to be confused with the town in Norway… I know it looks really similar. But we have bigger mountains.) is a great place for you to visit. It used to be, what we call, a painter village where many great painters went to live their life and paint the most amazing paintings.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | Where to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.
Jon Anderson (Flickr)

Bergen 1928 As the town of Bergen is more on the expensive side (maybe because of those darn painters), this accommodation costs 140 euros for two people a night. Luckily breakfast and wifi is included.

Berckhoeve will set you down 273 euros. But, that is the cost for this entire property, for one night. But you will have a complete home, for yourself. This is a big holiday home for up to five people. And while it seems very expensive, if you divide the amount of euros between five people, you get a very reasonable rate of 48,5 euros a night per person. For the city of Bergen, that is inexpensive. There is also free wifi and a big garden. Just saying.

B&B Peperzzz This bed and breakfast starts at 72 euros a night, for one person. For two people the price goes to 87 euros (in total). There is free wifi and they have free bikes available if you want to cycle between tulip fields and happy cows. And that is something that you want, trust me.

Important message

Tulip season is beautiful and fun, but lets keep it fun shall we? Including for the farmer. For instance, you will see tulip fields with paths in between them. Do not walk there. Do not walk on the tulips and do not stand inside the ‘bed’. The ‘bed’ is the soil where the bulbs are planted and where the flowers eventually grow out. This will damage the bulbs and in the worse case scenario, completely destroy them.

I know, it looks beautiful. I know, it was just a second. It doesn’t matter. If the farmer happens to be around and he or she is okay with it, then it’s fine. But remember, the tulips aren’t planted for tourists to enjoy them, they are there because it creates an income for the farmer. Don’t destroy their food. Dank jullie wel (thank you all).

I hope you found this information useful for your future trip to The Netherlands and North- Holland. The tulips are waiting for you.

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Visiting The Dutch Countryside | | The best places to stay in The Netherlands during tulip season.