Stop coming to The Netherlands for Queen’s Day

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Stop coming to The Netherlands for Queen's Day - | The Dutch countryside

Queen’s Day. Lots of people dressed up in orange (our nations national colour), canals filled with boats that are completely filled with orange dressed-up people, streets that are entirely full and an endless amount of festivals on the 30th of April. Sounds great doesn’t it? I know! You would think it is one of the best days of the year right? Well, it definitely was. Queen’s Day was the best day of the year for many of us Dutchies (nickname of Dutch people). It was.

I’m going to crush that dream of yours right here, right now. You will never, and I repeat, never have a chance to experience Queen’s Day anymore. At least, not in The Netherlands.

There happens to be one big, massive problem, before you’re getting way too excited to book a ticket of this date to come to The Netherlands or before you’re going to cry your heart out.  Don’t do it, because it isn’t worth it. At least, it’s not worth crying over Queen’s Day on 30th of April. WHYYY?

NEWSFLASH. Queen’s Day doesn’t exist anymore.

Yes. It doesn’t.

~ The end ~

‘WHAT?! SO I BOOKED TICKETS AND THEY JUST SHUT IT DOWN?’ Calm down dear, think about your blood pressure, okay. No it didn’t just disappear. We love all the parties over here, so do you really just think that we’re going to lose one of our free days that involves partying in orange clothing because it just stopped?

Stop coming to The Netherlands for Queen's Day - | The Dutch countryside


Shame on you for thinking that. And luckily for us, and for you (if you didn’t buy a ticket for the 30th of April) there is a logical reason for the fact that there is no Queen’s Day anymore.

However, if you bought a ticket for the 30th of April you are still screwed anyway. Why did you buy that old Lonely Planet guidebook again? Traditions and dates happen to change quite often.

So. Queen’s Day doesn’t exist. And you want to know why, right? Well, that is quite simple. It’s King’s Day now, because well, shocker, we have a King (almost three years already, our Prins Pils is growing up). Our Queen decided it was time for her son to shine. That doesn’t mean it is on the same date as three years earlier, nope, we Dutchies like to mess with all of your excited and party-minded heads. Simply because it’s fun. Aaaand, because the birthday of our King is on the 27th of April. But that’s just the tiny reason, the biggest reason is yet again, that we want to screw you guys over. Hard. And it works. Every year again.

Three years ago the day changed into King’s Day and the date to go completely loco while dressing up orange since then has been on 27th of April. But apparently some of you, okay no scratch that, a lot of you still book a crazy amount of hotel rooms in The Netherlands for the 30th. It is true, there has been a massive increase of the rooms again. I mean, wow. Poor you. Seriously. Last year it was like that as well and the year before that too. Sorry? We’re stubborn so we change traditions (only the way we like it though).

And let’s be honest, it is sad to see tourists walking around in Amsterdam in their orange clothing while carrying an old Lonely Planet book around and at the same time asking everyone where the party is. Okay, it might be a little bit funny. Scratch that. It is fucking hilarious. For us. We once again enjoy the look of disappointment on your face  when we tell you we had the best party of the year a few days earlier, but we also have a heart (only a small one). So that’s also the reason why I’m warning you. Better late than never right?

And, because we are such nice people, we decided to make a ‘missed the boat’ party several times already. Not because we want to be such nice people, we like to make you think we are. We do it for our own pleasure. Once again, we are hilarious people.

So let’s settle a deal okay? You guys change your ticket to the 27th of April in order to become part of a life changing experience and celebrate King’s Day on the right day and with the best people – and not to forget DJ’s –  in the world. What sounds any better than this huh? Right, I don’t think there is anything better.

You’re very welcome! Don’t forget to get dressed in orange clothes! I’M SERIOUS! Otherwise we will throw you back on the plane (train, car or however you came here) on your own cost obviously. We’re still Dutch after all.

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Stop coming to The Netherlands for Queen's Day - | The Dutch countryside