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Dresden, Germany

I assume you want to follow my social media, are curious to what my life looks like on social media, or just want to stalk me. Well, then, should I have the alarm number on call already? No? Okay, great, that means you’re a good person and I happen to love those.

It is a lot of work to make sure none of them are slowly dying, but my social media is a lot of work but that doesn’t make it any less fun, it’s therefore also a challenge to keep up with them all. But one tiny, little thing, if I don’t post on some platform for a few days, that doesn’t mean the end, okay? That just means I’m also enjoying life and you’ll probably get a new blog post on your screen pretty soon. So, let’s get to it shall we?






Snapchat: thedutchmanon

Google + (This has died a little, so I’m getting there again, soon)




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