Sevilla photodiary part dos

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Remember when I went to Sevilla in September? I posted a photodiary of the most important pictures (in my opinion) of the first few days, but I think it is about time that I’m posting the second. So here it is, my Sevilla photodiary part dos (I’m in a Spanish mood). The link to the previous photodiary can you find here.

19th of September ’15

This was the day that something special happened in a lot of parts of spain and different parts of Sevilla, as in the part where I was staying: Triana. But before this certain event took place we walked through the city, entered Archivo das Indias which is unreal from the inside. We passed the Silver tower while searching for the bronze one, which only exsists in some museum I heard later. On our way back we walked next to the river before walking in Triana and going home. And that was when the event came even closer.

There was a procession happening and dear lord (see my choice of words here), it was spectaculair. I have never seen anything like that in my life; Lots of people outside (some are crying and most of them are looking with proud faces), incredible decorations, and an adorable kid who blew kisses to Santa Ana. At the end there were lots of fireworks which looked stunning. I think overall it took the entire afternoon and evening/night, since everyone was basically wasted or it sounded like they all were.



These babies have been very kind towards me and the rest of Sevilla. The weather was warm, but comfortable warm (40 degrees haha, didn’t feel like it though). But in a lot of these streets the people of Sevilla hang white sheets across the street to provide shade just when you need it. Secretly they can read your mind and know exactly when you will need the shade and you will turn into a street when you see your biggest dream (at that moment): shade. We also went to the buhaira gardens this day which is stunning and a must-visit, but more about that in another post.



This was the day we went to visit a good friend (that we spotted when we were on Amsterdam airport. She just emigrated to Cadiz and had just said goodbye to her family. So of course, we couldn’t miss out on this lovely opportunity to see her again and to explore Cadiz at the same time) in Cadiz. We took an early morning train to this small, but still way bigger than my village, city. This photo represents the atmosphere of Cadiz perfectly; laid back. While in Sevilla there are people rushing (eventhough its not as much as in northern european cities like London) as soon as you’re entering Cadiz you’ll be shocked how calm everyone is. It has almost everything I love: the beach, the sea, friendly people, amazing food, an even better foodmarket, the relaxed atmosphere and the city is just incredibly gorgeous. There is only one thing I do not like. There is dogpoo literally everywhere. Why? Anyone cares to explain this?

But nevertheless, if you’re nearby, do not forget to check this lovely city. It’s worth a little trip.



Last but certainly not least, the final day. This day was by far (and with by far I mean BY FAR) the hottest day of our stay. When we walked through the city the temperature rose to 45 degrees which made me pass by one of my favorite spots once again (Rayas = icecream = heaven). But the thing is with this picture is the fact that no matter how warm it is people are always busy or find something to do, they’re always active eventhough the heat would be unbearable if I would go for a run. I guess it is called adapting to your surroundings. And at the same time the city is relaxed, it has the perfect atmosphere really that was hard to get away from.


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