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Note: this is a sponsored post. Of course all my opinions are still my own, like always. Nothing will change about that even if someone will offer millions for it.

 I was really spontaneously planning a visit to Dresden since  1. that is just the way I am and 2. because it was one of my last weeks staying in Germany. I was there since the end of May for an internship in Frankfurt, but as always, time passes by quickly and so all of a sudden it was the last month of my internship (October). I have heard some people talk here and there about this city in Eastern Germany, but what I was really surprised about once I visited, is that I didn’t hear everyone speak about Dresden while they should. When I asked people what they thought of the city, often people said ‘I’ve never been there but I heard it’s pretty.’ And that comes from people who have been either born and/or raised in Germany, absolutely crazy if you ask me. The city is incredibly underrated, has the most beautiful buildings (that were completely destroyed during world war 2 but rebuild afterwards) I have ever seen and definitely is for me, the most beautiful city of Germany. And let’s be honest, that is quite an honour to have.

Originally I thought of going on a Saturday and Sunday but later thought that a Friday and Saturday would have been better, and it was. The city was actually quite empty and even on the Saturday, but more about that later, because one reason that made my stay in this amazing city even better was the hotel I stayed at. I spent the night from Friday to Saturday at Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss which was an absolute dream, for people who want to enjoy everything that Dresden and their hotel, Swissôtel can offer it all (SPA SPA SPA, they have a spa for the ones who didn’t get my subtle hint yet). And people, let’s be honest here, you won’t be able to resist yourself when you’re thinking of booking another night. The hotel is simply too perfect for that.


My experience

There is one word that immediately pops up into my head when I think of the hotel. Detailed. Two other words that fit the hotel directly are definitely elegant and comfort. The restaurant has an amazing interior with bookshelves placed in the dining area but in this special kind of way that makes you drool over the decoration. They have this kind of ‘carpet’ on the walls, and while it isn’t actually carpet it just looks that way. Again, they’ve done that in an incredible way which adds up to the luxurious and relaxed feeling you get when you walk through the hotel. While the Swissôtel itself is quite big, with 235 rooms, it still manages to feel incredibly cosy and that is something I, as a girl from the countryside, adore. The only downside here is that for the mega-users of wifi under us, this will cost you money. Which is very typical for Germany since Angela Merkel didn’t keep her word on spreading free wifi access all across the country so it’s nothing weird. But for what in some other countries are completely normal, in Germany however it is not. You would have to pay from wifi at hotels, busstops, trains/ and train stations to when you have a different German bank and you just need to take some money from the bank. Yes, you need to pay for that, as a matter of fact, my friend needed to pay 3,90 for every transaction at any other bank than hers. Savage. So yeah that has basically not much with the hotel to do, but just so that you guys know, this is how things roll in Germany and, as far as I know, Dresden is still in Germany.

I am a huge lover of beautiful views, so when I get a hotelroom with an incredible view, in this case of the Frauenkirche, I’m completely sold. It was even more fun that I could spy at the people on top of the church, since I was so smart to pack my zoomlens from my Sony camera with me. I secretly felt like the female version of James Bond, but without the awesome costume and music in the background. I entered my room and was happily surprised with how it looked, in all honesty the hotel rooms looked already pretty great from photos, but when you see it in real life it is always a little different, and this time in a good way.

The hotel room is very spacious with a double bed, many pillows (yay for that!), a soft bed, a great bathroom with a wonderful shower and again, it feels really cosy. I like the fact that the walls are of this light colour, with some pops of red and green here and there so that the room feels even bigger, more relaxing and fresher. I must admit, I was at first a bit confused with how the curtains in combination with the windows were working, but luckily I figured that out soon enough. The curtains are stuck on the side next to the windows with velcro. Also, my sweater didn’t really like getting in touch with that but I just need to have the windows completely open for a while so that there is a lot of fresh air inside of the room.

In all honesty, from the moment I entered the hotel up until the moment I left the staff made sure I had a wonderful stay. From just asking the little questions, for example, if things were alright up until guiding me towards my room in the most lovely way possible. I sure felt pampered once I left.

dresden10 dresden6


Amazing with capital letters. Right. AMAZING. Swissôtel is located in the middle of the old center. When you walk straight out of the hotel you’re basically where you want to be. The Frauenkirche is chilling straight in front of you together with the rest of the historical monuments. It is truly unreal that you’re straight away there, but also, really perfect and easy for once. No stepping into twenty thousand trams, busses and trains before you reach your final destination. No, this time, you’re in the middle of the center and have the best place for chocolate, eierchecke (typical for the Dresden area, it is a pie but then just small, cute and really really really tasty) and chocolate icecream literally next doors. Let’s face it, this stuff is not good for your wallet or your foodbaby but damn good for a flavour explosion, and that is always worth it.

You are able to cross the bridge to the other part of Dresden quite fast too, because I went out of bed really early to catch a sunrise (when you have the chance, catch it, wherever you might be) and of course I thought that my bed was a bit too comfortable so I ended up almost running and falling on my way to the part where I wanted to watch and shoot my sunrise. And just in time, because thanks to the fact that Swissôtel is located absolutely perfect in Dresden I was able to make the most beautiful shots of the city while it was still asleep.

Getting lost in Dresden is something that you don’t mind at all, but it is also quite a hard thing to do because one way or another, my friend and I always ended up (after walking for hours though) close to the hotel which we were every, single time so surprised about.

image-10 Dresden, Germanydresden3 dresden5


If you’re a foodlover like me you will love this part. It makes me drooling just thinking about it again. The breakfast is always my most important meal of the day, and this one didn’t disappoint. Not even close. It was so, so, so good, with anything from sausages, after all we’re still in Germany, to scrambled eggs and from salads to fresh fruits. From meat, cheese, fresh jams and bread up until fresh juices. Truly the only downside was that the kiwis weren’t ripe but who is looking at those small details when there’s even delicious pie and cake for breakfast? Okay, I did, but it was just because I was craving kiwi that time. But let’s be fair, I’m definitely not complaining. Okay no, I lied to you, there are two downsides. The other one is the fact that there was too much tasty looking food that I couldn’t eat them all. First world problems, that’s for sure. Choices people, it’s so hard to make them when there is so much good stuff around.

They also have a restaurant, and big rooms to have meetings where the hotel can take care of everything, so that you for example are able to relax when going into your well deserved break during that meeting.

dresden2 dresden4


One thing that always makes or breaks my stay at a hotel is the service,  and that definitely also didn’t disappoint at Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss. A last minute change of the reservation, so a good friend from work was able to join me on my adventure, was absolutely no problem. From the minute I walked in people were greeting me in a not forced kind of way, because I can see straight through that by now (it’s one of my new discovered talents), but just really nicely. A member of the staff brought me towards my hotelroom while we had a lovely chat about literally everything, from my university to his opinion about Dresden. I always love to talk to the people who work at the hotels, hostels or apartments I visit, just to get a bit of a feeling of the environment of the place I’m staying at.

I went into my room for the night and while exploring every corner of the room a staff member suddenly knocked on my door with the most lovely surprise of them all. He brought me an eierchecke (Google it, just do it), which is, like I mentioned before, something typically from the Dresden area and has an incredible taste. And while I was shocked that I even got a little cake he knocked on my room again, with another eierchecke with fruits on it this time. He apparently gave me the wrong one since I was supposed to get the one with fruits instead of the one without and while apologizing several times with me telling him it was perfectly fine and that there was absolutely no problem he left again. So I ended up with an eierchecke and fruits this time while at the same time looking at the Frauenkirche, yeah lets just be honest, the day started pretty damn good.

The rooms were incredibly clean, with great towels, and little, nice smelling shampoos and soaps, so I was very thankful to shower in such a comfortable way after a long day of walking and experiencing several adventures in Dresden.

There even is a spa and if you weren’t completely sure whether you should visit Swissôtel when you’re going to Dresden for some days yet, than this might gets you convinced. With bathrobes and slippers waiting for you in your room you want to visit the spa, if you have time because in all honesty, I didn’t have the time for a relaxing moment there. If I return one day, and I’m sure I will because Dresden and this hotel are both incredible, then I will definitely use this room because lets face it, it looks incredible. I already feel myself getting relaxed while looking at the photos with the candles and comfortable beds.

dresden-1 dresden8


For a hotel room, like the one I stayed at, the price starts at 121 euros a night, and I know, most people won’t be able to afford staying here for a week or so and I won’t be able to do that either, but you don’t need a week to explore Dresden. You might need a week to explore the hotel in its entirety, but you will live after staying here for a night or two. And after you stayed here you will tell me everything I’ve been telling you all along, ‘I feel so relaxed and spoilt now. You were right, thank you.’ And I will tell you: ‘ You deserved a little treat, so I’m glad you enjoyed it.’ Seriously guys, there will definitely be no regrets here, with such an amazing breakfast, an incredible room, the service they give you and the location of Swissôtel you will feel glad you went there.

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  • Jennifer Morrow

    The spa looks heavenly! I love to treat myself to a massage or relaxing spa service after a long trip or back to back sight seeing days.

  • Amanda Williams

    From the pictures this place looks really stylish! The food sounds awesome too, but you got me with the spa. It looks heavenly and I love a good spa day. When can I go? lol.

  • Wow! This hotel is gorgeous. The details are amazing and that spa is just breathtaking. I also love that it’s centrally located. Sometimes it’s hard to find hotels like this that are right in the middle of where you want to be 🙂

  • All of the buildings in the area look like their straight out of a movie. I have personally never gone to a hotel spa, but after looking at these pictures I might just have to start.

    I’m personally one of the most picky eaters around. It was good to see that they have a lot of basic breakfast foods like eggs and sausage. It’s good to know that if I ever visit I wouldn’t go hungry.

  • This hotel and the surrounding area is simply amazing! I would definitely consider staying there when I’m in Dresden next time!

  • Luxurybackpacking

    I Love Dresden! I went there last Christmas and it was so beautiful! We stayed at the Hilton and it was perfect, although the Swisshotel looks amazing too, I may have to try out that one when I never return! Thanks for your informative post, really interesting!

  • Megan Claire

    Sounds like an incredible hotel – I agree that you don’t need a week to explore Dresden, and I think destinations like this which only require a couple of days are great opportunities to splurge and enjoy finer hospitality in hotels like the Swissotel 🙂

  • Sonia Sahni

    The hotel looks outstanding. Also, I loved the view from your room…makes you feel that you are part of history and reliving it! The location seems super too. Well, the spa is what has convinced me to stay here when I visit Dresden. Did you try any of the treatments?

  • OMG, that hotel looks unreal!!! The spa alone is enough to go! I have a friend there… Guess I need to finally make the trip out there. I know where I’ll be staying!

  • Neha Verma

    Beautiful hotel indeed. Even I am a lover of great views, just like you. My self and hubby always try to figure out the best place of stay with the best view in our budget whenever we visit somewhere

  • Wow when I think Swissotel I think modern but this place is very unique I love it! Especially the spa area, it looks amazing with the stone walls.

  • Chantell Collins

    Wow the Swissotel looks absolutely marvelous! I would really love to stay in a luxury hotel like this right now! Also I have always wanted to go to Dresden. It sounds so intriguing and you’ve definitely convinced me that it is worth the trip 🙂

  • Paige Brown

    What a beautiful first impression! It’s beautiful just walking up to it! It looks like an amazing location, and I could definitely spend some time on that rooftop patio! Maybe I can convince my husband to let us stay here and go to the spa for an anniversary or something!

  • Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    This is truly such an honest hotel review. I always love to sustain a good view whenever I get to the hotel and the decoration of the hotel adorned with well collaborated design is really good.

  • Clare Colley

    Dresden looks so nice, I will add it to my places to visit. The hotel looks really nice too, though maybe a bit too modern for my taste. The spa area looks amazing though 🙂

  • Marissa

    That SPA though! Sign me up! Dresden wasn’t high on my list of places to visit but your review makes me think I should travel there soon! The hotel seems to be in a great location and I’m loving the interior design – such an interesting, kind of eclectic mix of styles. Great review!

  • I love that it is so accessible being in the middle of the city. The ceiling of the spa is absolutely beautiful! I definitely want to be there! I’m adding this onto my bucket list!

  • Wow, what an incredible place to be able to stay! That spa area looks particularly relaxing and like the perfect place to spend few hours!

  • That spa is calling my name! How incredible! I have a very close friend from Dresden, and while I have visited Germany, I have still yet to go to Dresden. He tells me it is a must. This post confirms it.

  • bc21578

    Given the fact that Dresden was destroyed, it doesn’t look as “modern” as I was expecting. The spa looks very interesting (and “modern”). I love the picture where the people appear on the street as a blur!

  • I love this hotel and must stay there – the modern mixed with the old is done so superbly, very impressive. Not to mention of course the location what a dream spot to stay in.

  • looks like an amazing hotel!

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