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I do not fully remember if I told you guys about this, but I think I did via my Facebook page for this blog. Basically, life was hectic the last few months and with hectic I mean really hectic. For the people who do not know what I’m talking about (which will be most people), I’m living in Frankfurt until the end of October and I came here the end of May for an internship at a productioncompany. ‘Ah, that’s why she’s busy!’ Correcto! So basically we just finished two big projects but before we finished it we had shooting days, and for everyone who has ever worked in this industry you know how long these days are and how exhausting they are.

And of course, in the mean time I tried to travel (not so smart because my body was slowly giving up on me) to France (Lorient and Paris), Cologne, Mainz, Seligenstadt, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Barcelona and Rotterdam (this was for a shoot for one of our projects). So yes, also Rotterdam which meant I could go home after that for a short weekend for the first time in more than four months, and trust me that is kind of nice if you are working 24/7 and do not have time to create a social life in the city you’ve been living in for a while already. It gets lonely. So I was happy, but before I could go home we first had a shooting day.

And a shooting day isn’t anything worth if you do not have a good rest and sleep at night/ a good breakfast which we definitely had in the Bilderberg Park Hotel Rotterdam.


My experience

Let me tell you something, after checking out the shooting locations, we went back and when I entered the hotel I was like: ‘Damn, this looks reaaaally nice. Good choice Manon (while tapping myself on the shoulder since I picked the hotel this time).’ Until I walked further with the client (who is a very lovely man, but no) next besides me and we wanted to check in. Reception:’So you want to check in? Welcome to The Bilderberg Park Hotel Sir and Madam.’ And that’s when I already felt it was going to happen. So before anyone could say more I made sure to make one thing clear. ‘Oh no, we are not a couple.’ While trying to laugh it off in that awkward way everyone does when this kind of stuff happens to them. But the funny part was that it was just as awkward for her as for us. Poor lady.

Anyway, so as soon as I entered my room for the night I was blown away. I looked into the room thinking it was a mistake because I didn’t think that it would look this beautiful and big. The design is modern, but still very fresh which made it into the most beautiful hotelroom I’ve ever stayed in. So therefore these were my first few words when I entered the room: ‘This is all mineeee?! Holy shit.’ So of course, since I’m still a kid inside, I made sure to jump onto the bed straight away so I would fall into the eight (yes 8!) massive pillows, and that didn’t disappoint either. The bed was honestly so comfortable you guys have no idea. And finally after so many months I had a normal pillow (normal for me). In Germany the standard pillows are basically no pillows at all. As soon as you lay your head on one, the feathers disappear and you need to fold it at least three times before it is a decent one. So you can imagine now that I was pretty happy already, that’s when I didn’t even discovered the best things yet.

Every room has its own heating system (I didn’t know that at first so I was already wondering why it was that chilly inside..), a mini bar, an amaaaazing bathroom (really) and a view to die for. At least my room had a great view. The room had a view on the city and on the square in front of the hotel. Maybe they just knew me too well already, ‘Manon, she loves to have amazing views right? Got it.’ Credits Bilderberg Park Hotel, credits for you.

And I slept amazing. I think I was a bear in its wintersleep, because boy, was I grumpy to get up. But every wonderful thing always ends, right? The bed was even more comfortable than I thought because the previous evening I build my own fort with the pillows, wrapped myself in the blankets like a burrito and fell into a wonderful deep sleep. Even though the hotel is located so perfectly which means quite a lot of traffic, the windows didn’t let any noise come through and the curtains didn’t let light shine through.



The location is perfect to be honest. It is located at Westersingel 70, 3015 LB, Rotterdam and is close to everything you need basically. Their telephonenumber is +31 (0) 10 436 3611 and the email adress is parkhotel [@] The website of the hotel is the following:

The famous Markthal is on a walkingdistance, the de Oude Haven (old harbour) is only 15 – 20 minutes walking and then you have Witte de Withstraat at not even 5 minutes walkingdistance from the hotel. which has just like De Oude Haven many restaurants, bars and shops but also has one of the best burger places of The Netherlands which is called Ter Marsch & co.

If you like museums, well then you are in luck with your stay at the Bilderberg Park Hotel too since the Museumpark is nearby too with for example Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

There is public transport everywhere around the hotel with the tram, the metro and busstops in front of the hotel and taxis are easily available all throughout the city.

Rotterdam central station is only 1 km away, Rotterdam airport is located 8km further and Amsterdam is at 75km quite far but definitely easy manageble. You can take a train from Rotterdam Centraal to Amsterdam which will take you in around an hour to the city.



Unfortunately my body really gave up on me and I became really sick so I couldn’t eat breakfast at all and that while I looked towards the moment of eating a Dutch breakfast for the last few weeks because I missed my Dutch food that bad.. Life sucks sometimes. I did manage to go downstairs, to try squeeze some food in my stomach but it didn’t really succeed so I wouldn’t be Dutch if I didn’t take some food with me to the shooting day. Whatever you’re searching for; fresh fruits, freshly baked Dutch bread (insert drooling and heart eyes emoji here), Dutch toppings, meat, cheese, yogurt, veggies, muesli, milk, fresh juices, etc. They truly had it all and although it tasted good I just couldn’t eat it or otherwise it would land on the floor which is a waste of food and no one wants to waste great food.

Besides their wonderful breakfast they supposedly have one of the best restaurants of Rotterdam located in their hotel, but you guys have to find that out for yourselves because I always like to eat at other places than the hotel I stay in. So yeah, if you tried it there, please let me know because it is making me curious.


One thing that makes or breaks a hotel is always the service for me. The staff was incredibly welcoming, kind, open for a chat and always wants to help you in the best way possible. The room was really clean, with a nice little welcome card and new towels every day. And they give you enough to last at least two times showering a day (which I didn’t do, and normally never unless I showered per accident in the morning and in the evening it’s workout time..). Also, since we’re living in the 21st century, wifi is free and really stable throughout the entire building.



At around 106 euros a night for the big room (it depends when you make your booking) I think this is really fairly priced. Obviously you cannot spoil yourself like that every day, because then it will turn out quite pricey (if you have the money to spent it, be my guest though). But let’s be honest, if you want to enjoy a lovely weekend Rotterdam with your partner, family or friends this would be a perfect stay as you’re located in the center, the breakfast is wonderful, the staff is truly great and always up for a chat (unless there are a lot of hotel guests that they need to take care of) and everything that you wish for is just around the corner.

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