RANT ALERT – Why you SHOULDN’T take my social media with a grain of salt

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I need to get this off my chest. It just goes too far and my fingers cannot stop typing about this subject. It’s a relief to get it out honestly, but still frustrating so many people do not seem to realize their ‘little’ actions.

It frustrates me that many people nowadays say we should take social media, and I’m talking about all social media, with a grain of salt. I actually get where they come from, because there are quite some people that ruin social media for the ones that actually have really good (if I may say so myself) intentions. I agree you have to take certain, okay a lot of, accounts with a grain of salt because you know they’re not honest about their appearance or life. But it gets harder to notice what is real or what isn’t, what is sponsored and what is not (even though there are a lot of rules for those, people tend to break them easily).

I know a lot of bloggers who photoshop themselves, some a bit more succesfull in hiding it though. But what if you meet a reader? Don’t you feel like you’ve been lying to them? I mean you didn’t show them the real you.. Also, bloggers/vloggers/presentors/actrices/models/students/bankers/hippies are all people, so no one looks a 100% every day of their lives. It’s simply impossible, since, well, they’re human too.

Barcelona, Spain

But why do some people take their social media to not show the truth? And since when do we want our Instagram and our photos to look like a (!photoshopped!) magazine? Why should you make your waist slimmer or bigger? Or change you hair, or thighs or feet. (I hate my feet, but I wouldn’t change them, it’s part of who I am as a person, as frustrating as they are sometimes and even though shopping for shoes is a tad annoying every once in a while (wide feet club here)). Does that what you just did make you a better person? Do you feel better about yourself? You shouldn’t feel better at all.  

Isn’t it just enough to be yourself? To stay true to who you really are? After all, that is what people enjoy the most and relate to the most. But it is so damn frustrating that nowadays it seems to be a bit like this: ‘I saw that my friend photoshops her photos (facetune I’m looking at you) but I had no clue, she does look ‘better’ like this, and since everyone does that nowadays, why shouldn’t I do it?’ NO, NO, NO!

Barcelona, Spain

If there is one thing in life you should always keep in the back of your head it is that you don’t have to do a certain action because other people do so or say so. If this is not who you are, or makes you feel true to yourself, what is the point of doing it?

What is the point of removing your so- called ‘blemishes’? Those ‘blemishes’ make you, well, YOU. Why would your remove a birthmark or freckles? I have birthmarks (and a lot, like really a lot) and freckles, but those make me who I am. Without them I would not feel like myself, I would feel like I’m not a real person, or someone else. And isn’t a photo supposed to make you feel proud of who you are? That you’re actually here in this world, able to talk, speak, listen, taste, see and smell. But also if you cannot do one of these I just named, you’re still here, you have plenty of other qualities and one little thing less, does not make you any less. It should make you rise above yourself that you’re living the way you are and that you conquered several boundaries other people take for granted.

Barcelona, Spain, espana

And when it comes to social media and taking it with a grain of salt. Sure, the Kylie Jenners from nowadays, please take them with a grain of salt, no offence though. She’s only human too, but doesn’t really shows it because she will probably get criticized by lots of media.  And by the way, if I was Kylie I would be absolutely terrified with the amount of people commenting; ‘please can I be you?’ Since when do you have to be ashamed of, well, being you? 

Girls (and guys) please , just be you. It will be more than anyone can ever be. You are all special, you don’t have to fill your face with make up if you don’t like it, if you do like it, that’s you, it’s part of who you are, part of your identity. But if you’re like me (lazy as fuck), who stays in bed until I need to get up and go literally everywhere (unless its really important or a night out) without make- up, then you shouldn’t feel pressure of putting it on. Or posting a photo with the way you contour your face on Instagram because everyone loves that and gives you more likes.

So that’s what you will get on my social media. Honesty. Because my social media accounts and blog should be by me and for me (and the lots of people who like to enjoy my journeys and life with me, also if you don’t like it, I appreciate your visit). I like to look back at the adventures I experienced, places and countries I went to, or things I wore. I post about what I think and like or dislike, not caring if other people not agree because well, we know that human beings cannot all live happily ever after. No photoshopping bodies involved, no photoshopped face or feet. Just no photoshopping at all. Of course a filter over your photo is not what I’m talking about here, you guys get what I mean.

Barcelona, Spain

See? I’m all smily here, because I was in a damn good mood while exploring Barcelona with my friend who was tanned as fuck while I (being stuck in the office almost 24/7, am as white as milk right now, not exactly how I imagined my summer tan to look like) And obviously, I’m not here to shame any of you when it comes to changing photos, but I am just here to get your brains working and hope that you will think about what I just tried to tell you. You are good enough to be yourself, so am I, so is everyone. Because ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. ‘Say what? But what about that supermodel I just saw?’ Well, I hate to say it and break your little dream here, but she probably leaves massive farts on her way strutting down the street.

Have a nice weekend guys! I hope you enjoyed it. There also will be a new video on my Youtube channel somewhere this week. Yeah, because in the weeks I’ve been absent on this blog I actually uploaded several videos over there. Also, follow my Instagram and Facebook too.

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  • sonderbarmii

    Bravo! Thank you for this article, very refreshing and honest! To be frank, I haven’t noticed any bloggers or anyone else Photoshopping themselves on Instagram but it’s sad that some people think they have to. There are lots of parts of me that I don’t like but I wouldn’t change them because (as you wrote) they are me. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! I felt it was needed to speak up, to be honest, I couldn’t keep it in anymore after I read some comments on a travelgroup. The thing is, you don’t notice it untill they make a mistake or if you are not used to photoshop you probably won’t even see the mistake, and that makes it even more sad. Why lie you know? Exactly, I’m glad you agree with me on that part!:)

  • Crazy travelista

    This is SO true! I totally agree! It is a pressure though to maintain a certain level of “awesome” on a daily basis haha. But ppl need to chill. Do they really photoshop themselves in pics? C’mon, thats taking it too far! I can totally relate to this rant! However, sadly, i dont think this trend will change anytime soon!

    • Haha thank you! Yeah but what is awesome nowadays? Since when should we compare ourselves to everyone? Exactly, I fully agree with you, they need to chill haha. Either that, or they make themselves look ‘better’, reshaping their faces, figure etc. I agree, unfortunately it won’t..

  • This is why I’ve come to love Snapchat so much – not just the crazy filters but because it’s instant, unglamorous and not curated. It’s a shame we aspire to be perfect and only notice someone has photoshopped themselves within an inch of reality when they’ve done a bad job of it!

    • Hahah yeah Snapchat is great but I have the feeling that then I don’t have any privacy left if you know what I mean? I love snapchat, and definitely agree with you on those points you mentioned!

  • I agree with you and I’ve seen it go beyond just a photo shopped selfie, but as a travel blogger, I’ve noticed people photoshopping out crowds, signs ect. Let’s just appreciate reality!

  • Being a travel blogger and all the work that goes into creating the content and the photography I serious dont look at these social media accounts the same way I used to. I guess because I now know that part of it is a bit of an act. People and not prim and proper 24/7 the way social media sometimes makes you think it is….

    • Yeah I know, I don’t do that either anymore, and I don’t mind to use lightroom etc for photos, but when you’re changing your body so you hopefully get more likes with it.. That goes a bit too far. I completely agree with you.

  • I feel you on the rant, though I had no idea that people aside from, like, Beyonce or the Kardashians actually ‘shopped their bodies to look better on Instagram.

    To be fair, though, Instagram has gone beyond simple sharing to be a marketing platform as well, and so it makes sense to only present the most curated, well-presented images for some accounts.

    • It’s actually crazy isn’t it? I noticed small mistakes on photos etc, and after a full discussion on a travelgroup I decided other people need to know too.

      When it comes to the fact that it’s a marketing platform I agree with you, and it definitely makes sense to put those photos on it, but reshaping yourself goes a bit too far. I don’t have anything against lightroom etc, but changing who you are as a person to hope for more followers and likes is a tad too much.

  • Cristina

    Well, this is one complex subject as it goes beyond just appearances. But I agree, we just relax a bit, take it slowly, be more natural etc. I just looked at some pictures from my teenage years and realised how much make up I was wearing. But hey, we all make mistakes :). Anyway, great article. Loved your writing style and sense of humour.

    • True, but now I’m mostly talking here about changing your body etc. And to be honest, if you like to wear make up, that’s no big deal, for some people it works for others it doesn’t but people shouldn’t be ‘forced’ into changing themselves for likes on Instagram or something. Hahah, true that. Thank you so much Cristina!

  • Cristina

    and by “we just” I mean “we should just” 🙂

  • Anita Sane

    Interesting article. In my blog and instagram I show and write about the things I like truly. If I don’t like something it’s just not there. I love bright colours and I use Lightroom to make my pictures brighter. Still they are fully real. It’s so much negativity and bad things in the media. I don’t want to add anything to it.

    • Thank you Anita! Lightroom etc is definitely not a problem for me at all, the reshaping your body or face kind of is haha. Same here, let’s all be and stay great as we are!

  • Gemma

    Winter chic my friend! I am with you, it took me 17 months to get this tan. I mainly just post pictures of Craig’s back on IG, it’s a running joke!

    • Hahahah, you had me laughing for quite a while with that comment of yours. I’m going to remember winter chic and use it as an excuse haha. Well, as long as people fancy his back, who are you to complain about that huh?! :p

  • Clíodhna Ryan

    I love this!!! I never realised people did this until recently. It always amazes me that people can be at the top of a mountain without a hair out of place and no redness on their cheeks. Here’s to the active travellers who don’t mind looking like they exerted themselves ?

    • Ahh thank you! Hahaha, I would be sweaty, and as red as a freaking tomato haha, no doubt about it. Actually I love that because it makes you human 🙂

  • I still don’t understand why bloggers would want to photoshop themselves.