Postcards from Dresden

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As you guys know, if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I went to Dresden last week and boy, that did not disappoint in the slightest way. Dresden is one of the most beautiful German cities I’ve ever been to. The houses and monuments were bombed up until the ground during the second world war, which isn’t that long ago as you guys no, but they completely rebuild the city as you can see in my photos below. One of the churches I went to was bombed too, they weren’t able to completely rebuild this one so they put parts of the old church in the new one. I will tell you the truth, it is absolutely breathtaking. It seems so rough, like you’re walking into a cave, but the atmosphere brings it to a whole other level than any other church I have visited in my life and trust me, I visited plenty.

I came by train to Dresden but you can also fly into the city its small airport. The first moment you get out of the central station of Dresden it might feel a little crowded and modern to you, at least, it did to me. But as soon as all the shopping streets are left behind you I found myself amazed. My eyes wandered a 1000 miles an hour to be able to keep up with all the beauty it spotted. The city is breathtaking, but what truly makes it even better and a complete city are the people.

Whenever you’re bumping into each other it often results into small talks instead of grumpy faces that are angry looking at you. The children literally seem incredibly happy. The restaurant owners, waiters, bus drivers, tram drivers, conductors and all around people are so nice, that I was happy that I decided to go out of Frankfurt and head to this city for a few days. Both cities couldn’t be more than the opposite of each other really. When I was out in the early morning to shoot the sunrise with my Sony camera I put after I shot that my tripod in front of a gorgeous building when a few runners passed me while I ran up the stairs panting to make my ten seconds of the shot count. They yelled in German and laughed (obviously I know how ridiculous I looked while sprinting up the stairs so that made me crack up straight away): ‘Come on run for that photo. We can make a photo! Do you want us in the photo too?’ While I answered laughing that it was all fine and they could continue their run. You know, something like this wouldn’t happen in Frankfurt because in general people are to self-centered to care or look about/at other people. I am not talking about taking photos for tourists or travellers, because mostly I think they will do that when they don’t need to be at their meeting of the ECB in ten minutes or use that as an excuse. So yes, it was definitely refreshing and I think I reloaded my brain and body fully in those two days to go back to Frankfurt after that again even though it’s not for that long anymore, but more about that later.

I’m currently writing several posts about Dresden, and will finish my travelvlog too, so stay tuned for more, but for now, just enjoy these photos of my favorite German city. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and will think of visiting this small, but incredible city next time you think of going to Germany.

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Dresden is a beautiful, old, German town in the East of Germany but incredibly underrated and not crowded at all. Here are my most beautiful photos that hopefully will sent you to Dresden soon.

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  • Andree-Anne

    Ok! It’s decided! Next time I go to Germany I HAVE to visit Dresden! Don’t know why I haven’t been yet! Love all the photos 🙂

  • Your photos are amazing! I didn’t know there was an interesting story behind that lovely sunrise photo. 🙂

  • Ivy

    Wow you are absolutely right! Dresden is insanely breathtaking. I’ll definitely add it to our itinerary when we go to Germany one day. I adore the architecture there!

  • Alexis Rae

    Ohhhhh hopefully headed to Dresden next year! I have a friend there and it looks beautiful!

  • There’s so much of Germany I’ve yet to see. Dresden wasn’t even on my radar…until now! That massive mural is stunning.

  • La Vida Viva Travel

    Haven’t been to Germany yet but will put this on the list when we do go! Looks great and the people sound lovely!

  • Christina

    I haven’t been to Dresden. It looks like a great city to wander around in and enjoy the architectural details. Your photos really make it come alive.

  • I’ve heard very little about Dresden, so it is nice to read your perspective on the city and see your photos. The architecture is stunning and the mural is beautiful. I can see why it is your favorite city in Germany!

  • Cory Varga

    Your pictures look so stunning. I wouldn’t mind receiving a beautiful postcard from Dresden. It’s a beautiful place that’s for sure!

  • Culture Passport

    These photos are wonderful! I would love to go to Dresden some day 🙂 x
    Victoria {}