Missing my love

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It has been quiet around me lately. I couldn’t write, something stopped me from doing it and I didn’t know what. Was it not going fast enough? I don’t know, I mean I need to write because I want to and like it, not because I have to. I didn’t feel that free, I was insecure, but about what exactly?

I still haven’t figured that out, but it felt like I couldn’t be great, like I couldn’t do great things. And you know what? That is complete and utter bullshit. If you want it you can do it, if you have dreams, make them come true, if you don’t have dreams, make them. But I’ll warn you, dreams don’t come true by doing nothing, and it always looks so easy how other people achieved theirs but their way was one full with holes and dissapointments, but they didn’t give up. So who are you to give up on your dreams? Are you seriously giving up on the thing you want so bad, on travelling the world, on helping people, or other things, you’re really doing that?

Let’s be honest, it’s going to be a bumpy ride but I won’t let you guys give up and quit. Quitting is not inside me and it never will be. Ever since I stopped writing I felt guilty. Why? Simple, because I failed living my dream, I failed for a while to be consistent in writing, but when I was consistent things went great and I had fun in it.

Since I stopped writing for a while my blog has never been out of my head and brains. I thought about it day and night, and when this kind of stuff happens then you know it’s something you want to continue doing and stop being the person who brings yourself down. So I did.

I’ll continue this blog, 100% sure. I missed it, I missed writing, I missed you guys. I missed everything about it, and trust me, this comes straight from the heart. This entire post, and actually every post that I’ve ever made and will make comes straight from there. If you do something with your heart and with your passion, people will notice it and will be excited and happy for you. And if they’re not happy for you, screw them, you need to make your own story, they’re not making yours. And that’s all that matters.

At this moment I’m sitting in the train, thinking about everything that I want to accomplish, while an Ed Sheeran song is playing. It’s good to have those moments, think about whatever you want to do, who you want to help and inspire, but above all, be your own inspiration.

So now it’s official. I’m back.  I’ll work on some other posts now, in the meantime, enjoy a few pictures here below to see where my adventure of London led me to.

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Clothes wearing

#picture 1:

Shirt – H&M, Skirt – Only, Watch – Casio

#picture 2:

Jacket – Mango, Trousers – Topshop, Sweater – Monki, Bag – H&M, Scarf  – Hema

#picture 3:

Jacket – Mango, Trousers – H&M, Sunglasses – Kenzo, Bag – H&M, Scarf – Hema, Shoes – All- Stars (Yes, I’m also wearing a shirt there, you just can’t see it haha, no worries, I’m not walking around half-naked)

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  • Guess who I am

    And…..Never Ever forget you have a Colombian sister you also met in London, and even if you dont talk to much or see each other frequently, she is there… available to receive you whenever you want to come…even if we are that old like the pictures of the day in the museum… Anyway! I will read everything you write because it keep me thinking and remembering my experience there. Little Bread, think strong and accomplished all those dreams.

    • Florcitaaa! I’ll never forget that, it’s impossible! Talking about it, we should skype again. And I would love to come to Colombia but I need to graduate uni first haha. Oh myyy, that day in the museum was so funny, I still have those pics on my phone. Good! You need to read everything hahah, you’re forced now. I will accomplish lots of them, but promise me that you will do the same!