London adventure #1

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Right. Remember when I told you guys that I would post more when I am in London? Never, in a million years, did I expect this to happen and to post nothing at all. These past two months feel like they’ve been a real dream, it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been there. Everyone who has traveled and lived in the same place for several weeks ¬†knows this feeling exactly. At least, that what my friends tell me. Every, single day I got out of bed at 7:30 am and went outside to school at 8 am since I had lessons from 8:45 until 12. By the time I got home it most of the time was twelve o’clock or even 1 or 2 pm and sometimes even later. So it’s not an excuse maybe to don’t post anything during these two months but I rather wanted to be alive for my next day of school and the full weeks I still had left.

Before I came to London I was just hoping for a few friends, not knowing that by the end of the two months I will have a huge group around me. On Saturday the 28th of June I had a goodbye party with some of my best friends and as a present I got this amazing Polaroid camera from Fujifilm which is absolutely amazing. The next day, Sunday the 29th of June, my flight with KLM went at 7:15 am which was quite early but at least I had the total day to get used to London before I would start with school the next day.

The thing is, since almost everyone travels on their own, everyone is incredibly open and lovely. You can become close with someone within a week and within two, that person is as close to you as one of your best friends from back home. Simply because you spent every, single day together. That’s why every single time that someone was leaving, it was extremely hard. I was such a crybaby during these two months and when I needed to say see you soon to lots of them on the 24th of August, I cried obviously a lot. I don’t do goodbyes by the way, I always say ‘see you soon, although I don’t know when I will see you guys another time.’

After I got my bags checked and I went to look in some shops I started tearing up again. When I got into the airplane and went to my seat, which was the wrong one but who cares about that right?, I cried again. Then when we took off the first 15 minutes the lights inside the airplane went out so because of that I had the most amazing view of London, from above. Then 15 minutes before we landed in Amsterdam they did the exact same thing and to be honest, from above Amsterdam looks like London, but only in the evening. When you’re on the ground everything is different, so obviously I cried again and ironically it started to rain straight away. Probably Holland wasn’t that happy with my return.

After I got my baggage I went through the doors from the arrivals to meet my parents, my dad took a picture of me when I got through the doors when I saw someone I didn’t expected at all. To be honest I didn’t expect to see anyone else on the airport then my mom and dad when I suddenly saw one of my best friends. So of course, what did I do? I started crying and because of that she started and my mom as well. Oh gosh, sorry, my bad!

Now, one week after my return it’s still strange. When I posted this I wasn’t even on my flight yet, we started boarding. Talking Dutch is really hard, especially since I’m sending non-stop voice message through Whatsapp to everyone. I’m used to the fact that I’m back home and I’m not used to it, the feeling is really strange and unreal. But the experience was amazing, and it is definitely worth this strange feeling. Luckily there are a few friends that I will see soon, since I’m going to Milan in the end of September and I literally cannot wait.

This is not going to be my only post, I will write more about my London adventure soon with more pictures as well of course, since I’ve shot lots. Be prepared for some good, funny and maybe even terrifying stories but as well for some good tips about one of my most favorite cities on the planet.

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