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I am still busy with my internship and stuff like that but I am trying to write as much as possible. The adventures are starting to come and especially when it’s the end of June. Because people, it’s official.

Offcicial?! What is official? If you’ve been a reader off my blog from the beginning you might know. If you haven’t I will tell you the most important things. I love London, ever since I’ve been there in 2010 I wanted to go back. And I will be going back, this summer. Because I will go to get my IELTS exam in London and I will be staying in London from the end of June till the end of August. Oh, I’ve got such a though life. Joke! Who doesn’t want to go to London during summer and stay there for two whole months. I will be living with a hostfamily so my English is going to be on it’s best and everything is settled. The flight has been booked with the lovely people of KLM and I’ve taken care of my suitcases. Suitcases? Yes, two of them.

I was telling my mom a while ago that if they wanted to come visit me there in London then they wouldn’t have a suitcase. My mom thought that I only needed one suitcase for two months, but damn, that was a wrong idea. Remember when I went to Berlin last January? I had one fully stuffed suitcase with me, for 3 full days. And I almost used everything inside that thing. So one suitcase for two months is just not going to work haha, sorry mom and dad!

I am extrememly excited for London, I literally can’t wait. But first I need to complete my internship, which is a lot of fun. I am learning a lot and the vibe is so much fun. Last week when I tried to get home there were suddenly no trains going to whole North Holland, which sucked. So I couldn’t get home until my dad drove about one hour to pick me up, which was sweet.

I also went to watch some inline skating. And damn, they went fast! No joke. I went to see the Europacup in Heerde on Saturday and Sunday, which was fun. The sun was shining on Saturday a bit more than I expected it to be, so how did I looked the next day? Right, of course this happened to me. I was a brighter colour red than a freaking tomato and I am being absolutely serious right now… So that Sunday even when I laughed or tried to make some wrinkles in my forehead it did hurt. When I came that Monday on my internship I just told everyone that I was blushing all the time, but of course they didn’t take that one. After applying aftersun an entire week on my face I am finally not red anymore and I even am a bit brown, luckily.

Thank you for being so patient, sweet and for continue following me. I appreciate it so much! You can follow me on Bloglovin’right here and on Instagram right here.

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  • Woo-Woo! You’re coming to London! great news :))

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