How you won’t get robbed while traveling

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Being robbed is something no one wants to experience, it could be a terrifing experience and besides you have a big chance of losing all your valuables and I must admit, I cannot guarentee you won’t get robbed but I can help you out a bit. So lets get started shall we?

First of all don’t ever, ever look lost. It makes you an easy target. I’ve been lost plenty of times but walked my way through it by being confident while I was absolutely not. It comes with experience but you can always “fake it, fake it till you make it”.

Try to blend in. I know I know, it’s easier said then done when you’re looking like a foreign person in a country you probably are, but that doesn’t mean you can blend in a little. Look at the way the people dress, don’t show off your jewellery to much.

Then you should also check the customs in that country before your arrival. For example, in my country (The Netherlands) I always walk around with my phone, as well as when it comes to countries like Germany, Spain, Italy etc, but be careful nonetheless. I would recommend you to not do that because before you know it your phone is being snatched out of you hand and they won’t be so kind to give it back. Also don’t ever put a phone in the backpocket of your jeans or trousers, you can say bye to your phone real quick. And last, but not least, don’t walk around with your phone in your hand at night, and at places where you’re not really familiar make sure to always bewith a group when you’re in town at night.

Another important subject are the scams. Always and I repeat, always check the scams in the country you’re going to, for example in Ecuador and especially in Quito they spray pigeonpoop on your shoulder so you will be distracted. I also read a more disgusting story of a man who got, yeah it’s gross, a bucket with poop on him in Quito so they could steal his cameragear, but usually/normally they spray pigeonpoop. This is common for Ecuador, but every country is different, make sure you’re aware of those things and as well as scams to cross the border. In Europe thats not necessary since its the Schengen zone which means easy transportation throughout the continent (although nowadays its a bit more stricter), but its different everywhere.


Don’t use a fannypack. It is the perfect bag to rob.  There are small tricks to have some money with you, for addition, put some biljets in an empty lipbalm package or buy protection for under your clothing. When it comes to using bags I would recommend you the Riutbag. It’s one special bag that has the zipper on your back so no way that they can get the zipper open to steal something away.

Never leave your bags unattented, it might be logical but if you’re traveling by, for example, bus it is easy to just put it on the ground or something. But don’t do it, before you know it your bag is getting grabbed by someone who went under your seat and don’t sleep in busses.

Try to learn the language or at least a few words for when you’re in a dangerous situation. And if you’re feeling like you’re a target or being watched closely by people that are looking at you like a prey (you’ll notice their eyes soon enough) don’t run away or turn around to watch them, just keep on walking with a little tighter grip on your stuff and head your way to a safer place.

One last tip; How to handle locals. Locals are kind and will make sure you’re going to have the best time of your life, but not all of them have good intentions. I’ve heard a story of a guy who went on pictures with locals before they robbed him without him noticing, obviously, but again, you’ll notice soon enough when they’re safe. It’s always better to be a bit more careful even if they’re really polite, since you don’t know their intentions.

I hope these tips will help some of you, but the most important thing is to follow your own gut and just have a blast and I’m sure everything will be completely fine. If you guys have any more questions don’t bother asking them. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin’ and to like my Facebookpage. One final thing: Happy weekend!