How to get rid of your sunburn while traveling?

How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling

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How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling | The Dutch countryside |

It happens to all of us. No matter what type of skin tone you have, from milky way white to chocolate brown, the sun beats us all and, sometimes a hangover does. We all have had that moment when you went to the beach, the lake or just casually chilled in a yard with the sun shining at its best. I mean ‘I’m going to roast all of you’ type of best. When you’re laying in the sun like it’ll be the last time you will see it, it’s a dangerous combination. A sunburn is able to get there real quick. How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling is ever more challenging.

Nothing is more disturbing and annoying for your further travels, or for your siesta, than a face like a lobster. And not to mention, a face or body that feels like your skin is about to be ripped apart. Also, of course, let’s not forget that a few days after you got heavily burned, you will have a body like a snake. A snake that is changing its skin. Yes, not a butterfly that came out of a cocoon, but a snake. With pieces of skin going off you wherever you are. With every small move that you make, that you will most likely even make people allergic with all the small cells that are coming off your body. How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling is therefore quite important, useful and cheap as fuck.

During your travels it will even be worse, as, you don’t always have enough aftersun to feed it to your dying skin. Or maybe you forgot to take sunscreen or you did use sunscreen, but the sun was savage enough to let you burn like a motherfucker. Excuse my language. Not all the products or tips that you know will be wherever you are. Therefore I have several solutions on what to do when you got sunburned like a bitch during your travels.

How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling | The Dutch countryside |


Yes. This watery vegetable can definitely be a lifesaver. Make sure it’s skinned and slice it into little slices (duh). Not too thin as it won’t help that much. Make sure to clean your skin before you stick the cucumber onto your face. Or body, although you would need too many cucumbers for that.

Aloe vera gel

This is another one of your (BFFFFFFFF, best friends foreverrrrr x1000) friends during your lobster time. The best part about this gel is that you can put it all over your body and you won’t have to worry about getting up with cucumber slices all over your body. A little, important tip here. If it’s possible to use the ones with 100% aloe vera or close to that since some companies will mix the aloe vera with alcohol that only dries out your skin. So before you’re buying a dozen of gels, read the back first.

Milk and ice

Another one is to mix milk and ice in a bowl. Yes, that simple. It is impossible not to find this combination when you’re traveling. So if you got heavily sunburned while traveling this is one of the many things that is usually quite easy to get to. Mix the milk and ice in a bowl, soak a face towel and use it as a compress. I know it sounds incredibly weird, but it does work its magic pretty quickly.


You’ve probably heard of this one quite a few times before, vinegar (any vinegar will do, but most use apple vinegar). Rinse off your skin first with water, and please, I repeat please, do not use soap unless you want to kill your skin, even more, when you just got burned badly. Use a wash cloth and pour the vinegar on it. Lightly pat the wet skin with the cloth or towel. If the burn is on your face, you might want to keep your eyes closed for some minutes as the smell of vinegar that close to your nose isn’t the best. Hold it on the burn for a few seconds and let it air dry. It will heal really fast, the tight skin will be gone, there will be no boiling skin at night and no peeling the next few days.

Be careful, though, vinegar has an extremely high ph and therefore you won’t get the peeling.

How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling | The Dutch countryside |
What did I tell you guys?! Not this kind of yogurt!


As a Dutchy, it’s impossible not to love yogurt. We eat it every day, as a dessert. Besides it being an awesome dessert it also comes in pretty handy when you’re savagely burned. What you need to do is plain simple. Get yourself a pack of yogurt, and put it on yourself. Wait for about 10 minutes before you’re heading into a cold shower. It doesn’t have to be Greek yogurt specifically, just plain white yogurt. Not the ones with a strawberry flavor guys, get yourself together.

I’ve got a nice story here about a certain young girl getting her back burned (AKA me…) some years back. I am not the most flexible person, so I couldn’t reach all the way to my back. That is the moment when you realize where big brothers are actually for (instead of being annoying, or that’s what I thought). My brother grabbed the yogurt and started throwing it at my back as it was more fun. He was so close to the start of a yogurt war until I discovered that my yogurt was drying up and therefore smelled like something was rotten.


This might be a weird one, but the weirder the better right? Or not. Anyway, papaya. Yes, I mean the fruit. The riper the papaya the better. Gently massage your face with the pieces of papaya, and your skin will feel like a newborn baby eventhough you previously felt like the sunburn took over your body.

Coconut oil

Some people tend to swear by coconut oil. So if you’re really out of options then I would suggest you buy coconut oil and apply it all over the burns. Coconut oil is a perfect healer for plenty of things including burned skin.

How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling | The Dutch countryside |


Yes, you can drink it, and throw it at your skin. MILK FIGHT! But seriously, because of its ph, fats, and protein, milk increases the healing process of your skin to start faster. And that happens to be something we all want. Especially while traveling and being sunburned and more red than a firetruck, we all want to get rid of our sunburn.

If you’re still heavily burned after trying one of these options, not after a day, but after a few days. How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling.. Well, it doesn’t go away that fast. Most of the time. Then it might be a really good option to stay in bed for a loooooong time, with cucumber or aftersun next to your bed. Also, don’t forget to take cold showers. As I used to take hot showers when I was burned and all the burn went away, (not a single burn anymore the next day). However,  lately it, unfortunately, doesn’t work for me anymore. Anyway, try what works for you. Not every skin is the same, and therefore not everything will have the impact that you’re searching for. I do hope this will help you all a little so that you can still enjoy your travels with a less burned skin.

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How to get rid of your sunburn when traveling | The Dutch countryside |
How to get rid of your sunburn while traveling?