Five simple reasons I hate Barcelona

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Millions of people visit this place a year, it could be their first time or their 100th time, but they all love it. They love this Spanish city that stole their hearts, the sun, the endless parties, the sea, the beaches and the tapas.

But how is this possible? And why? Is it FC Barcelona their trophies or a certain vibe? I cannot seem to figure it out. I just don’t get it. Therefore, here are five reasons I absolutely despise Barcelona (the city, the football club… I’m not so sure if them yet, I just think footballers are in general a bunch of crybabies, but that’s beside this).

If I wanted a small portion I would’ve ordered the kidsmenu . . .

Barcelona, Spain

First of all: Tapas. Guys! Hold on here. Tapas, aka, small portions of food, aka hunger forever. What is the point of giving me such small portions of dishes? Are you expecting me to get full from that or something? If I wanted a small portion I would’ve ordered the kidsmenu. It’s just not logical at all. My stomach is a black hole, so small portions are not working for me after a day of walking or working. Also another thing, the dinertimes in Spain.. Around ten.. So basically what you’re doing all day is starve yourself until ten in the evening before you eat baby portions food? Not happening!

Barcelona, SpainFrustrating times in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous about having the city and a beach basically connected to the city. Why? Why is it that you have to have those two options? You know how hard it is for people that visit to make choices like these. Seriously. Think of other people when they visit your countries and don’t be so stubborn to offer them everything that they like so that making decisions is basically impossible. See? Frustrating times in Barcelona, not to refer as Barca by the way, that only stands for the Football Club Barcelona, Barna is the nickname for Barcelona, at least that’s what the locals told me. So yeah, I don’t like making decisions, I mean, how can I choose between the beach or the city, or even a freaking mountain (we don´t have mountains in The Netherlands so every hill or high pile of rocks will be called a mountain by me, but this is really a mountain) when I’m there? How? HOW?

Barcelona, Spain

Decisions, decisions, decisions 

Another thing is icecream. I know I know, know you’re looking at me in this weird way. ´Isn´t icecream an Italian specialty?´ Yes. Your point? They have icecream that people who write foodblogs only can and will get jealous on. They make fucking (excuse my language here) FRUIT icecreams!! And as I’m a complete food- and fruitaddict this doesn’t do neither my wallet and my future plans justice. And also, decisions again, this is not helping me… ‘Mango? Nah, I had that two times today already. Peach? Hmm, I ate that yesterday about three times.. Coconut-Kiwi? Holy shit. Raspberry? OMG. Strawberry- banana? Or lime? Or… Maybe I can take three this time? No? Houston, we might have a problem here.. HELP ME!’

Barcelona, Spain

Getting lost

Streets. Barcelona has an endless amount of streets, that as a matter of fact, ALL look the freaking same. I mean, I know getting lost in streets while exploring cities is great and all, but I didn’t mean that this literally. Let me tell you a story so that you can really feel my frustration with the city. So, I was walking from the citycenter with my friend to her apartment. We thought we were there already for at least fifty times… Not exaggerating here, okay, maybe a little. We ended up needing to walk 45 more minutes. Why not paint a few blocks of houses red? The others green, some others purple or blue. It would be so much better. Would look awful too though, but that´s not the point.

Also, the houses here all have those ´cute´, little Romeo and Juliet balconies, that makes me question my love life (is there even any?) and wishing for serenades in the evening while standing on top of there. Yes evening, do not dare to do this in the morning, I like my sleep. But see? Barcelona is not good for your mood, it just makes you wishing for things that are not realistic besides the getting lost part, that´s totally realistic.

Barcelona, Spain
Burned right shoulder? Check!

Weather problems

Mostly the weather is sunny. Who wants sun when you will get burned when that hot thing is shining? Putting sun cream on? Too much work.  Who wants sun if you´re stuck in an office all day long? Who wants sun anyway? Don´t we just all prefer rainy days where we can watch endless hours of Netflix and just chill when we have days off? Instead of having to go outside because it´s beautiful weather, and after all, being outside is not that great at all. Do you know that you actually have to move to get anywhere else besides the bed you´ve been laying in for the last couple of hours? Moving while it´s hot means only one thing: sweat. So yeah ´drop it like it´s hot´.

* NOTE: Guys, this needs to be read with a massive pinch of salt and a lot of sarcasm, I love Barcelona and what it stands for. Since I´m Dutch I love the fact that there´s a city and a sea combined just like back home. And the atmosphere is something I love even more about it.

If you like being sarcastic as much as I do, then it would be absolutely an awful thing to do from you if you pinned this post on Pinterest.

See ya guys next time!

Five reasons why I hate Barcelona


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  • GeekGirlGoes

    Haha. I loved this! When you first started I thought you were crazy for not liking tapas! Then I realised there was a hint to sarcasm to everything and relaxed a little! Haha.

    • Hahah, thank you, well, I wasn’t quite sure if everyone got the sarcasm so that’s why I put the note there at the bottom. Glad you liked it!

  • Clare Colley

    Love it. Barcelona is so great, been twice now. So much to see and do, it’s always a hard decision when you don’t have much time 🙂

    • Barcelona is great indeed, it slowly feels like my second home (who am I kidding, I have second homes everywhere haha). True, but that’s always a good reason to come back right?

  • hahaha really love the way you wrote about barcelona. i have heard so much about it but i still have not made it there. it is on my list for next year though 🙂

    • Hahah thank you! You didn’t?! Goooo, now. Book that flight of yours. It’s truly a lovely city, you won’t regret going.

  • Natalie Tanner

    I was so disappointed at first till I got the sarcasm. LOL! I have not explored Spain as far north as Barcelona and it is high on my list. I love art and think it would be an amazing sight to see Gaudi’s work!

    • Hahah glad you got the sarcasm Natalie! Gaudi’s work is truly breathtaking to be honest, put it on your list soon!!

  • Leslie

    Your pictures are awesome and you are hilarious!!! I’ve seen a post like this about 50 reasons to never visit Holland – have you come across it! You’d LOVE it!!

    • Thank you Leslie, I’m glad you appreciate my Dutch sense of humor!! Wait, there’s a post like that?! Sent me the link please!!

  • Hahahaha this is hilarious! Who likes Italian ice cream psshhhttt… MORE FOR ME PLEASE! I did enjoy Barcelona (I mean I HATED it :-p) when I visited. I was in awe by the architecture, I loved that it was so close to the water and the food was delicious…yes despite the small portions! Love the creativity of this post.

    • Hahahah, no way! I’m taking both. Is that even allowed? haha. Hahaha, yeah same here. Gaudi his structures are incredible and the cities is just filled with masterpieces. Hahah, I love how you said it, despite the small portions. Thank you!

  • Christina Pfeiffer

    You’re Dutch and you have a sense of humour? Well, you’re the first Dutch person I’ve come across with such a dry wit. I promise I’ll never go to Barcelona and will definitely pin your post.

    • Hahah well, apparently I have, thank you Christina! I’m feeling honoured that I’m presenting my country in a different way than normal haha. Hahah thank you!!

  • OMG I hate tapas too! Haven’t visited Barcelona, but I hated being in sunny Andalusia and get free food with each drink! What do they think that they can give food just like that? 🙂

    • EXACTLY! I mean, I will order something on my own, I do not like it when people just put it on the table and look weird at me when I don’t eat it. Sun and free food, that’s a horrible combination!

  • Bianca

    I really like the way you wrote about Barcelona. I also find the street art picture interesting! Im kind of a fan of streets arts 🙂 this is such a fun post to read! 😉

    • Hahah thank you Bianca! Glad you like it, so do I, I love them all and can’t get enough of it.