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Heya my wonderful munchkins,

As you guys know me by now, I love to answer some of your questions or help you out with some things that you would love to have my advice on. However, I’m sometimes really straight forward and so- called blunt, therefore you’ll get my honest opinion, like the opinion you should get from a family member or friend, but then you’re getting it from an awesome Dutch person, who wouldn’t want that?! So, if you’re still not scared by the thought of my opinion by now, then you’re always welcome to sent me an email on thedutchcountryside[@]

Also, if you have comments on what you would like to read, or see in a youtube video, be my guest and sent me an email or react in one of my social media profiles and I’ll do my upper best to create it and give you a helping hand to create your own adventures and life goals.

One last thing, if something on the website doesn’t work right or you found something that’s worth a bit of improvement, for addition,┬ábroken links or whatever, please let me know and I’ll be forever thankful.

Cheers and see you on another page or blog post,



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