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When you guys are reading this I am on my way to Denmark or I’m there already. One of my closest friends was like; ‘Hey, the Dutch national handball team (women) is playing, like we expected and we all know that they’re this good except for people who do not look any further than football, amazing. Let’s go?!’

So, we are going to watch the final of the world championship handball in Denmark, Herning to be exact. They are playing against Norway but we as Dutchies, and as mental people who like to dress up in orange while that colour isn’t flattering at all, know they can do it and can surprise the world even more and will take it by storm. But, let’s go to the topic of this post now, shall we?

Cádiz, in the south of spain, is quite small (12 square meters) but with quite a lot of people living there (around 120.000) and not to forget dogs (dogpoop everywhere and so are cockroaches). But really, besides this the city was a true surprise, in a good way. No wonder it is called the Havana of Europe.

The boulevard of the city looks a lot like the one in Havana, so James Bond brought Cádiz a visit as well in Die Another day which is another reason to visit. I mean, if it’s good enough for Bond it’s good enough for anyone.

Even though it is quite small there are many things to do here. If you want to spent money on visiting the Cathedral: be my guest. I heard it wasn’t that special and besides, when I’m visiting places or more specific, churches, museums, etc, I’m in and out before you know it. I like history, do not get me wrong, but standing in front of an painting for half an hour while nothing changes is not my type of thing. But hey, everyone’s different right?

Eat cheap and incredible delicious tapas next to Top Coffee and Juicebar, I unfortunately forgot the name. But it is located at Calle Lázaro Dou. And if you’re in the neighboorhoud anyway, make a stop at the juicebar as well, I highly recommend them.

The next hotspot must be on top of your list when you’re foodaddicted like the Spanish people (and me). Go visit Mercado Central( Plaza Libertad) or in other words; the market. The entire city comes together and eats the night away, or just simply buy their meat, fish and other groceries. Be careful when it comes to the timetable, it changes a lot. And be prepared for closed shops there as well, if they want to open it they will, if they’re not feeling it they won’t.


Almost behind the market is a street which I call the palmtrees street, but that’s obviously not the real name. Walk through the street which is filled with restaurants (and locals) and order menu del dia (menu of the day), you will not regret this. Good food for an amazing price. Or if you don’t feel like eating quite a lot, take tapas instead, the croquettes here are incredible.

Further; explore the beach, it is endless and you have several ones. Besides that, if you’re walking around sit at la caleta. Best views guaranteed.


Plaza San Juan de Dios is also stunning but quite crowded unfortunately, so if you want to take good photos, go early in the morning so you have the square for your own.

It doesn’t seem a lot, but remember; Cádiz is one relaxed city and all the little streets are gorgeous. So writing down the entire city is a bit useless. Walking around there is completely safe by the way, and you will have a hell of a time but watch the dogpoop.


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