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Adventures of a female traveler in Jordan | Day 1

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Adventures of a Dutch, solo female traveler in Jordan | Day 1

Adventures of a female traveler in Jordan sounds interesting right? And it definitely is. This is the first out of a series I’ve been writing for a while in the hope that every female (and male out there), that is afraid to go to Jordan, change their minds. Jordan is a country with a lot of history, plenty of food, incredible nice people and a never ending flood of the words ‘welcome to Jordan’ by it’s citizens.

Jordan has been a country that I’ve been dreaming of visiting for a very long time. So I booked my flight tickets while I was living in Frankfurt, Germany for an internship. I casually texted my mum and dad with the words ‘I’m going to Jordan’. They kind of freaked out. I made them even happier by being the sarcastic bitch that I am with telling them where it was exactly located. ‘Oh you know, Syria, Iraq are neighbours. No big deal.’ After that I started laughing (while crying inside for those countries and its people at the same time)  and told them to do their research, and if they wouldn’t agree there’s nothing they can do about me going there anyway. Their minds were eased pretty darn soon. So, if you’re parents are worried about you, or you are worried yourself about visiting Jordan, shoot a message my way.

*This post was written during my trip to Jordan*

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‘I got on the train from Schagen to Schiphol after my dad dropped me off at the train station. And as always, it’s an easy ride. However, I’m often quite nervous about the trains suddenly not riding, because of a defect etc. if I need to be at the airport. Lucky for me that didn’t happen. I brought quite some stuff with me in my 40 litre Farpoint backpack from Osprey. And let me tell you something, that thing is fantastic. The 40 litre is maximum carry on size, which means you have more money to spent on food in Jordan, or wherever you’re going with that backpack.I will write a post about what I brought to Jordan and what I didn’t have to take with me pretty soon, as it’s really useful. As nowadays there are quite some out-dated articles about that online.

Anyway, I took a stabilizer with me to shoot a lot of videos and ultimately create one big Jordan travel video, that you can check out here. Unfortunately I don’t have my drone yet, so I wasn’t able to take it with me. (GUYS, I HAVE IT NOW. SOON ON MY CHANNEL A DRONEVIDEO ABOUT MY BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS IN NORTH HOLLAND, THE NETHERLANDS. If you didn’t notice, I got a little excited). The officers at the security were looking quite weird at the stabilizer as it definitely looks like something I could murder someone with. Luckily, I blinked my eyelashes and got it with me. Joking, they researched it for a bit before asking what it was for. After telling them I was perfectly fine.

As of right now I’m sitting in the airplane, even though we’re still standing on Schiphol airport, at least I’m in the airplane. With of course, my backpack completely stuffed. As in, ridiculously stuffed that I’m happy everything fit inside. I also brought, besides a stabilizer, a tripod. A quite big one. And it’s a tad heavy. I noticed with boarding the face of one of the floor attendants. Her eyes were filled with surprise that I didn’t check the bag in. But as soon as she scanned my boarding pass I just made sure to walk as fast as possible towards the airplane. You know, just in case she might change her mind.

So here I am, sitting at the window seat, looking out of the window. While my Osprey backpack is chilling in the luggage compartment with his other mates. Oh, I see that I didn’t tell you guys about the fact that I’m flying first to Athens, as I have a stopover of 7,5 hours over there.

Also, this is worth mentioning. It is. Huge, important side note here. I already know that I need to come back to Greece. Seriously. The plane is full of dark haired and brown-eyed Casanovas. I’m sold. My brain was split into two. The one was like: ‘Focus Manon, focus. You can do this.’ While the other responded more like, eh, well like this: ‘BUT WE DON’T HAVE THEM HERE. LET ME ENJOY THE BEAUTY THEY JUST BROUGHT INSIDE THIS AIRPLANE.’ Obviously I couldn’t focus. As a person who is single and ready to mingle, (joking, but I couldn’t skip this sentence, it’s just legend), I needed to enjoy this and take full advantage of the rare opportunity.

As of right now I’ve been into the plane for some hours. Just chilling on my window seat while watching the countries passing by. The mountains seem suddenly small, it’s impossible to spot any cars, and just when you think the world is actually tiny something comes flying into your brain. Some facts. That we’re right now at 11 km high, and we are still able to see the mountains, rivers and structures of the countries and cities underneath us. Which makes you feel tiny. Just like an ant.

Just as we’re almost nearing Croatia the clouds bump in. They’re suddenly everywhere. And as I’m looking at the map we’re supposed to be above Croatia now, in fact, above Dubrovnik. But there is unfortunately no way I’m able to spot the cities and country from above due to the clouds. #firstworldproblems. However, I keep myself occupied with writing several posts, so I won’t delay them for a year (just for four months this time, I’m getting better at this).

Arrival is in 1 hour and 20 minutes when my neighbour and I started talking. Turns out, he is Jordanian. And that happens to be extremely useful. He happens to have a layover of 7,5 hour in Athens as well. So we decided that we would explore Athens together. First thing first, he needed to check in to his flight to Egypt and I needed to get rid of my heavy backpack. Really, I was thinking two things. ‘I need to work out more’ and ‘why did I bring the stabilizer and tripod again?’ After I got rid of my luggage we wanted to go out and explore Athens. That didn’t go as planned though. We ended up not going, but I was already quite happy with the view of Athens I saw once we flew over it by plane.

Why we didn’t go? Well, we figured out that Athens is 40 minutes away from the airport by car and more than an hour by bus. It is worth noting that the buss doesn’t go every minute whenever you want. So we bought bus tickets, but exchanged them for money a little while later. If in fact, we were going by buss, we would have approximately one hour in Athens to explore. Yes. Of course, that also is because we needed to drop of our luggage, for the ones who do not know where that is, if you’re in the departures, go to arrivals (0 floor) by elevator and then look around. You’ll spot it at the end of the hallway. But it was also the fact that we needed to wait an hour at the airport then for a buss to arrive, and also calculated another half an hour till and hour waiting time for the way back.

Adventures of a Dutch, solo female traveler in Jordan | Day 1

Anyway, so unfortunately I didn’t get to explore Athens this time, but I did make a new friend and next time (in around 9 days), I will just grab a cab and head towards the city centre to do some TGV sightseeing (AKA, highspeed).

Right now it is 22:35, Athens time, and I’m waiting at the gate as boarding will start at 23:10. Lets see and hope whether they will leave me on the plane again, with my way too big luggage, or not. I really hope they will to be honest. If you cannot notice it, I’m kind of stressing out.

WAIT, YOU GUYS! I just spotted someone with the same size luggage as me. The baggage is also a carry on. If that person is allowed to have a size luggage like that on the plane, and I’m not. Then I will be a snitch. Okay, not, maybe. Depends how much it will cost me. My hand is shaking every single time I grab my camera  like I somehow didn’t eat enough, didn’t have enough sugar ooorrrr I’m just ridiculously nervous.

Adventures of a Dutch, solo female traveler in Jordan | Day 1

Also, something completely different now. I know you will appreciate my opinion. And bookmark this article for ‘future references’ just in case you go to Athens. But seriously, here in Athens Airport my eyes are having a really good time. I swear that plenty of the men I’m spotting right here are the definition of Greek gods. Some are even gods combined with an ak-47 or in uniform. Did I already mention that I love men in uniform?

As of right now 23:34, I’ve boarded the plane towards Amman, Jordan. But before that happened I got extremely paranoid and thought that the flight left way too early. This panic attack happened because the airplane had arrived a tiny bit later. I know. An airplane will never leave early. But I don’t know. As it was getting later and later my brain was just messed up I guess. Not to mention the fact that if I missed it I would be stuck for a few days on the airport as the next flight to Amman didn’t go for a few days. And then I miss a taxi I arranged to Jerash, Umm Qais and Aljoun. And the hotel will still charge me.

By the way, I have a feeling that I didn’t mention it before. But this is seriously my first time flying out of Europe, and my first time in the Middle East. This all equals a new smell, new surroundings, different cultures, new people and plenty of flavours that I’m not used to but that I always love exploring. Because lets face it, when it comes to food, I’m definitely not the picky one. They also call me garbage bag. Just saying.

I made it in. Besides that, this plane is quite tiny and I like that feeling somehow. Also, I have a feeling that I have this entire row for myself. I’ve had that several times happen, and I can always just hold a cheer of happiness in when we take off. That’s when I know I’m safe. Most of the time. I won’t cheer too much since the rest of the airplane is almost full.

Adventures of a female traveler in Jordan | Day 1 | The Dutch countryside |

I also have a feeling we won’t be leaving at 23:50 even though its nice that Aegean Airlines always give us candies before a flight. To be honest, I have never flown with them before, but I would certainly recommend them. Friendly staff, good airplanes (a little on the small side for Dutch people though, long legs parade has arrived!) and the overall vibe is really pleasant.

Ok, remember how I previously said that the plane was almost full? Scratch that, I think it’s about damn time to give me some glasses because I am not seeing this shit correct no more. But I’m happy to see that other people are also enjoying their space. And I figured out again how much I love to travel, but at the same time how tiring it is. I’m a bit exhausted and I need water as my throat is soar because of the dry air in the airplane.

You know what’s weird? Me. Is it freaky that I can completely talk along with the flight attendants demonstration and instructions on how to crash? Including movements. Oehhh, we’re going to Amman guys. Flight time Is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

As we started our take off I was actually not that sure whether our plane would be able to handle all of us. The plane looked so fragile, but luckily I was wrong. Now me being tired, including dry air in an airplane is giving me a headache. But then again, the thought that I will be in Jordan soon disappears my headaches in one second.

My new Jordanian friend is on his way to Egypt already when I think again about what he said. He finds his country boring and thought that ten days is too much to spent there. Which is really funny as I already started to think about a second trip to Jordan. And I didn’t even arrive yet! He said his friends from the UK called Jordan the kingdom of boredom and he thought it was correct. Somehow I have a feeling I will not agree with him.

Adventures of a female traveler in Jordan | Day 1 | The Dutch countryside |

Water!!! You guys! AEGEAN IS THE BEST. I’m seeing water! Never mind. Sandwiches… kidding! Warm food!! They know what I want, and even though it’s a bit the same as that I had this afternoon, it’s perfectly fine. Oh it’s actually not the same, it has rice instead of something else, that I don’t know, had this afternoon. The only thing I’m missing right now is some handcreme from The Body Shop (I always take the Hemp Hand protector), as they’re dry as fuck. Excuse my language.

After I landed I was worrying about the visa and stuff since I never needed to get one before. But yessss, this one has the first stamp in her passport!! Anyway, the girls in front of me of the line needed to go back and have a talk with some people. So I obviously got nervous as hell but luckily that didn’t shine through. Who the hell am I kidding?! I was stuttering and panting like a hyena that tries to eat his food while making sure others stay away from his newly catched pray. Even though hyenas are lazy basterds and rather steal it from others, ah well, you guys get my point. I was nervous.

Turned out that I didn’t need to be so stressed because they were extremely friendly. It could be that my blond hair did wonders, but I was let into the country pretty darn fast. As I walked of the escalators downstairs into the baggage hall and towards to the exit I reminded myself that I just arrived in a dream destination. And truly, it all felt like a dream. As I reminded myself of the fact that there’s a taxi waiting for me and has most likely a nameplate, turns out that didn’t happen. It was already between 2-2:30 am as I got another taxi. I was planning on taking one arranged by the hotel I was staying at, however something went wrong. And that is okay, it happens. So after a half an hour waiting I decided to just grab another taxi and head towards the hotel.

Adventures of a female traveler in Jordan | Day 1 | The Dutch countryside |

And boy, that was seriously some fun. I had one of the nicest cabdrivers I’ve ever met. To be honest, he couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak any Arabic (I would love to learn though) but we managed to laugh and chat anyways. Then we stopped at a place, where his son runned towards us and brought his dad some coffee and some water for me.

Afterwards the little guy asked for a photo, which was so cute that I couldn’t possibly reject it. I already felt like a celebrity. Okay, not even close, but still close enough. As we arrived at the hotel the staff was constantly apologizing for what happened that they forced me to an upgrade. And honestly, that was so incredibly nice, but really not needed at all. As I was waiting in the lobby for the room, I got some tea and later on, at around 4:30 in the morning, brought to my room. And let me tell you, it was big and beautiful.

I was incredibly happy to be in my bed for the next two nights as I think I only had a few hours to sleep. Because I was in bed at around 5 am, and my alarm clock went at 7 am again for my trip to Jerash, Umm Qais and Aljoun.’

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Adventures of a female traveler in Jordan | Day 1 | The Dutch countryside |


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