8 x foodhotspots in beautiful Leiden

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Where to eat in Leiden | The Dutch Countryside
Alessandro Grussu (Flickr)

Leiden is one of the many cities in The Netherlands which is, almost, ruled by students, meaning, they’re everywhere since there are many universities located here. When you’re in my country, yes I own this country (kay, maybe not), make sure to visit this town which is located a little over 30 minutes south of Amsterdam by train.

Let’s imagine you want to explore this city, good job I like you, you will need to eat, several times. And sometimes you do not know the good places straight away, which is alright, that’s where I come in with this post. After you’ve been to one of these, or actually just try them all, places I can guarantee you one thing. After you’re done here, you’ll never want anything else.

Shall we get started with the food hotspots in Leiden?

Roast & Toast! ‘So… we’re going to roast our toast here?’ Not quite. It is one of the best places to get coffee, take a break and to get some good, homemade and not to forget tasty food. And therefore they should definitely be included in this food hotspots in Leiden post. They’re open from 9 till 17:30. Their address is Burgsteeg 3, Leiden.

I know, Lebkov sounds like a Russian surname but in this case its the name of some stores in The Netherlands with the most amazing sandwiches (we’re Dutch after all) that aren’t even expensive, what more can we ask for? They have juices, sweets, amazing soup and great salads, so whatever it is that you’re craving, they will make you a feast. They open during the week at 6:00 and close at 20:00, in the weekends they open later and close earlier, well deserved if you ask me. You can find them here: Bargelaan 8, Leiden.

Next up is De Waag that always got a spot for you since this place is quite big and they’re open from 1o:00 till 1:00, you might have to wait in the evenings a little but it would be worth it. The menu is authentic with a touch, and let me tell you something, I like that touch. They’re at Aalmarkt 21, Leiden.

Now we are on to the next, Better Bagels, ‘so the bagels are better here?’ Probably. They make their bagels in a special kind of way, and boy, can you taste that. They are closed on Mondays, which is a bit sad but they are open onSundayss, so that makes it even I guess. Besides bagels, they sell one of the best muffins I’ve ever tried, French bread and much more. Go there, I’ve got nothing else to say anymore. Their opening times change but they always close at 17:00. Lange mare 96, Leiden.

Credit: Michiel1972
Credit: Michiel1972 (Flickr)

This bar is Bruut (bruut is a Dutch word for awesome/cool), the name is actually bar Bruut but they are more than bruut. The lunches are to die for, the diner (3 course) is always 24,50, no drinks included, but still cheap for such good quality. If you don’t want a three-course meal you can order it seperate as well of course. It is open from 11:00 till 00:00, and you can find it at steenstraat 22, Leiden.

On to one of the final ones, Het Pakhuis. This place kind of has a rough edge over it but is at the same time a very relaxing and comfortable spot. Whether you want a high-tea (no one can say no to those), just a bite and a drink or a full meal this is always a good place to bring a visit. It is open from 10:30 till 1:00, and can be found right here: Doelensteeg 8, Leiden.

Now there comes Roos, another favorite and again, this has a special touch and amazing, local food. They make almost everything themselves in their little kitchen, and what they don’t make they get it delivered from the best places in the neighbourhood. The menu does change quite often, but that’s a better reason to go again. It always closes at 18:00, the openingtimes vary. Go to Botermarkt 12, Leiden for this cute place.

The final one is de Uyl van Hoogland, it is also a cafe so don’t be surprised when you’re hearing music here, the more fun the better right? And when you have good food, great company and fun music there is nothing that can go wrong. The openingstimes vary but most of them are 15:00 and it mostly closes at 2:00, so that means you have enough time to enjoy this one and can take another late night drink or bite, no just take them both. Find it here: Nieuwstraat 28, Leiden and enjoy it.

Glad you’re still here, that means you enjoyed this and probably bookmark this page for when you’re going there, that’s fine, perfectly normal to be exact. Obviously there is so much more in Leiden, I mean they have to feed al those thousands of students who want good food for a low price. Don’t be scared to check out other places than these, but don’t forget to check these ones out either, you won’t be dissapointed at all.