13 reasons Georgia will be your next destination

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No, I´m not talking about Georgia as in The United States (although I thought that was the place my colleague meant when she told me she was from Georgia.. I was wrong and surprised because I never met someone from there, first time for everything! The more cultures the better.). I am talking about the Georgia which borders Turkey, Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan. This country is breathtaking, has GREAT food (the mom of my colleague makes a lot, and my lovely colleague is forced to share it with moi, of course) and it is still a little of a secret and hidden place which is one of the many reasons you and I should visit this underrated country.


So first thing first, like I said in my intro, the country is underrated. Not even a little, but most people will refer Georgia to the USA and forget or even don´t know that there is a country called that way at all. That´s the reason why this country is such a hidden gem which is still in its early stages of tourism. Yes people visit the capital, but besides that, most people don´t experience the true beauty of Georgia, which is sad for them, but pretty damn awesome for us if I´m honest. The less people, the less trash there is, the more locals will be kind towards you because you´re new and the less they will change anything to get money out of travelers. You will see a Georgia as it was quite a lot of years ago which adds up to its already enormous amount of charm.


2. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital is home to 1,1 million people (it is also the city from all the photos above), which is not a surprise as it´s the capital but the city itself seems to have this atmosphere of a European city quite some years ago, and that people, is a really good thing. In this city you have for everyone something to explore, you like history? Damn, you must be an awesome person because I love that too and, Tbilisi is a city that offers plenty of that. If you´re more chilled out then you are also completely welcome there. There is even a more modern part of the city which is also very cool (like you can see when you look at that bridge). Actually, the only people who aren´t welcome in Tbilisi are people who aren´t welcome anywhere. People who do not care about where they are, who do not care about the culture and who do not like to try new things. So, are you already convinced? No? Well, you will be when you´re finished with this post.

If you are the owner of this photo please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!
If you are the owner of this photo please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!

3.Two colours river

I don´t know if you ever heard of the place where the Amazon river flows into another river? The two colours that slowly collide into each other which looks like a fairy tale really. It´s so special to see that you just don´t even think it is real. Guess what? It definitely is real, you are not dreaming and, the best part comes now, they have that in Georgia too. Just when you think this country cannot get any more special, there it is. It is smaller than the collision in the Amazon river, but therefore not less special. I am always in awe of how nature is able to create the most spectacular things, and this, is one experience you won´t forget for the rest of your life.


I told you guys in the intro that I force my colleague to share her food with me, so you guys should´ve known that this subject would come up in this post. So seriously, I like food, a lot. I like to smell food and, most importantly I like to eat it (I´m not that fond of sharing but it depends on the situation, I can be nice too). And I do not know what those Georgians do with their food (kidding I totally know, HERBS!!), but it´s delicious. It is tasty, it is healthy and it makes you want more and more and more every time you taste it. When you taste it for the first time it will be quite new and different than anything you tried before, but in a really good way. So, my fellow foodlovers, I have the feeling you just finished your transaction for your ticket to Georgia, am I right?



The nature in Georgia is just simply breathtaking. Endless of roads, well they´re called roads but clearly are not really roads, while you´re passing by numerous of mountains with snow on their tops, or completely covered. You will see a country like you have never seen before since, well, you haven´t seen it like this because Georgia is different than any other country. It´s not a typical country (if there are any, but you know what I mean). Since it is located in an area where there are not many tourists or travelers everything is still intact which is something extremely valuable and worth visiting so you can remember for the rest of your life how a country looked before the madness arrived.

6.Cute places

The country is home to some of the most amazing little villages and towns that are located at the most awesome places. You wouldn´t have to pay me if I´m stuck there for a week or two, just to explore the place, to meet the locals and to discover the area. Some amazing, seriously with amazing I mean AMAZING, places are Svaneti, Ushguli, Telavi, Tusheti and Sighnaghi. To be honest, I have no idea how to pronounce any of the places, but because they sound so different than the usual places we hear a lot it just attracts me even more.

7.Endless viewpoints

I told you guys already that this country has it all basically, also located here and in an astonishing number of them; viewpoints. With plenty of mountain ranges, grasslands and natural parks the country is truly spectacular with its views. Of course you can have a stop at basically every beautiful place you can (which is something I would do for sure), but some of the amazing places are Kazbegi, Tushheti and Sighnaghi (cute towns and viewpoints combined?! Can live get any better? No.)


The photo above is from the surroundings or Stepantsminda. Stepantsminda is a city located in such an incredible location you would almost forget to breathe. Don´t do that by the way, it´s not handy if you want to experience this country longer than those days until you arrived here. There are endless exploring options as the city lies at around 1700 meters above sea level. ´That´s how you do it Dutch people´, that´s what they would probably think. But to be honest, credits to them. The city has around 1800 inhabitants which makes connecting to the people here quite special because it´s relatively small, especially compared to Tbilisi.

9.Samtavro monastery

Okay, let´s be really honest, back home I never tend to go to churches. But when I´m in another country I cannot get enough of them. Therefore this monastery is quite a special one that I will definitely visit once I´m in Georgia. It is located in Mtskheta (try to pronounce that, I dare you, unless you´re Georgian or speak it..) and it was built in the 4th century, yes, in the 4th. Can you imagine how much history happened there? Can you imagine walking through a building like that to just feel the history flowing through your veins? Me too. Incredible. And even though the church is not that big, it doesn´t make it any less special. Even the famous Georgian monk Gabriel is buried here in the yard of the church.


Another monastery, but this time, even more special than the previous one. Is that even possible? Well, apparently. See, Georgia is full of surprises. This monastery is made in a freaking cave! And monks are still living here, only five but still, every morning at seven they ring the bell in the high arch. So incredibly cool! It is one of Georgia’s most famous historical landmarks and is part of the tentative UNESCO world heritage list, so it needed to be placed on this list. It is made from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain, on the left bank of the Kura river and around thirty kilometres from a city called Aspindza. Most of the monastery was made in the second half of the 12th century. So, look this place up on Google people, you won’t regret it.

 Simon Caspersen
Simon Caspersen

11. Tskhratskaro pass/ Ktsia-Tabatskuri Managed Reserve

This place is truly spectacular too (it seems to be one of my favorite words to use for this country though). The pass passed amazing landscapes where you are all by yourself, or in my case all by myself (sing it, SING IT). But really this is a great pass to drive as you can also head into the Ktsia- Tabatskuri managed reserve from there, also from other places but let´s not think about that. It is not that far away from each other so je vangt twee vliegen in een klap (which is a Dutch saying that literally means you catch two flies in one slap, just so you guys no what I mean). So yeah, the reserve, a MUST visit too if you ask me.

12.Exploring options

An endless amount of exploring options. So, just imagine you have more time to explore an area (everyone wants to have more time, that´s just plain logic), why not cross a few borders and head into a complete new adventure after you´ve been discovering Georgia for the past month? You are, like I mentioned before, bordering Armenia, Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, but something I didn´t tell you before is that you are also only an 1,5 hour flight or a 16 hour drive away from Tehran, Iran. Iran is also one of the many countries located in the Middle East/ Central Asia that is really unexplored  mainly because a lot of people fear the region a little with everything that happens lately or do not want to adjust to another culture. If you´re the last one, then just don´t go to another country anymore or adjust because countries don´t exist to please you wherever you´re going. They have a culture (you are part of one too), so respect that and adjust to it. Wear a headscarf when you´re visiting a mosque, cover your arms, legs and breast area whenever visiting a church/temple/mosque, it´s only logic thinking but important to earn some respect from locals.

13.It has it all

And the last but definitely not least reason to book that ticket to Georgia is the fact that this untouched country truly has it all. They are located at the Black Sea, the country has plenty of mountain ranges so you are able to hike off all the calories you ate because their food is to good to waste it and they have beautiful nature with endless amount of forests and grasslands.

If you would like to remember this post forever and ever, don´t forget to pin it so you can finally book your trip to this gorgeous but relatively unknown country.

13 reasons Georgia will be your next destination

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  • I’m not really that familiar with Georgia (the country) but your photos are beautiful!

    • Well I hope I made you curious enough to look for mroe information about this underrated country 🙂 None of the photos are mine unfortunately, but, soon enough I will make my own haha.

  • Helene

    Hi! Your pics are so nice! You’re right this country is so underated! I travel a lot too and never thought of going there which a shame but your article made me want to go! I’ll pin save your article so I ll have it for when I actually want to go 😉

    • Hi Helene, the photographers who took them are truly a talented bunch. I’m glad you think so too, it just looks too beautiful! Thank you!! I hope it helps you and don’t forget to tell me when you’re going, then my friend could give you some more tips:)

  • Susanna Kelly

    Wow! We almost went to Georgia this summer, we decided we didn’t have enough time, unfortunately and this post is making me wish we made the time. It looks like such a unique and amazing place! From the cute to the majestic I totally need to go here next year!

    • Ahh really?! Such a shame, but the country won’t get run over by tourists any time soon, so next year it definitely needs your visit. It surely is unique, you truly can find everything that you’re searching for here. Book that flight ticket of yours already! haha

  • Joseph Humphreys

    Hmm, I think I might need a bit more convincing…no, just kidding of course 😉 You put your case forward with such verve and conviction, and you have some truly beautiful photos to support your case. I think underrated is definitely the operative word here! The two colours river looks simply magical, and from what you’re saying, this country does indeed appear to have it all 🙂

    • Hahah I’m glad I made my point very clear. It truly does doesn’t it? I cannot wait until I can make that phot myself.

  • I’m actually from Georgia the State and I remember really confusing the woman next to me on my flight to Turkey! She was a local Georgian, and between her limited English and my non-existent Georgian we had a happy exchange about that coincidence! Later in my travels I ran across a guy who’d lived there (State Department, if I remember correctly) and he told me about the history of feuding clans in the mountains… He also covered the spectacular natural surroundings and ever since that conversation I’ve pretty much been yearning to go. One day!

    Thanks for sharing so many more reasons to visit. I had no idea the capital was quite so gorgeous. That architecture has a major pull.

    • Really?! What a coincidence haha. So the lady was just wondering why you couldn’t speak Georgian while you were from Georgia? haha. You just keep on meeting Georgians and you still didn’t make it there? haha. I can imagine you’re dieing to go, I think everyone would love to visit a country like this one. You are very welcome, thank you for sharing such a cool story and I hope you make it to Georgia (the country haha) very soon!

  • Sonja Thomson

    I almost went to teach English here once! I read so much about it and got really excited and now that was 5 years ago and I’ve still never been. I really need to add it back to the list after this!

    • No wayyy, what hold you back? Well I hope I made you excited once again and that you’re going to give into the drive to visit this country once and for all!

  • Christine Krzyszton

    I have been curious about this area for quite some time. This post is so comprehensive, it serves as a really great guide for a future trip. Lots of herbs with their food? Yum. Your photos do an incredible job of showing how expansive the views are. Nice post.

    • I’m glad it comes in handy Christine! Make sure to do a bit of research towards the flighttickets now then haha:) Yesss, a lot of herbs, and all of them as fresh as it can be. It is such a treat to eat that kind of food. Thank you!

  • Maddy Morgan

    Wow, it’s so refreshing to see a post on Georgia. You’ve sold me it, I’m about to go on Skyscanner and look for flights! It’s definitely underrated and by your pictures I’d agree it’s breathtaking too!

    • I’m so glad to hear that Maddy! It becomes time that this area and country will get more recognition. And and and?! Did you book it already?

  • Cheers to traveling

    Wow, Georgia looks absolutely incredible! You’ve sold me, I’d love to get there asap! I especially love the hill and mountains photos!

  • That river is SO interesting! I think its fate that some of the cooler things in nature are in some of the quieter/less touristy areas and countries 🙂

    • Hahah I couldn’t agree more Kate! It also adds up to the magic of the country. When I heard there was a river like that I just was shocked and then I saw the photo and I cannot wait to make that photo myself one day.

  • Kallsy Page

    Holy smokes! Georgia is seriously magnificent and really hadn’t been on my radar until now. As you said, completely underrated. I appreciate the depth of the information you shared as I don’t feel like there are many guides for Georgia!

    • Underrated is definitely the best isn’t it Kallsy? You’re very welcome, I hope you can use it for your your travels to Georgia soon haha:)

  • Christina

    Gorgeous! Georgia seems to have both beautiful nature and amazing manmade structures. It has not been on my radar but now I am putting it on the list.

    • Definitely, it is truly a country that has it all! Glad I could add another one to your list Christina!

  • Gina Panozzo

    When I saw the title to your post, I thought you were talking about Georgia in the United States, but I was pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful destination. I’ve never seen a river that is two colors. The nature and landscape is absolutely breathtaking and ideal for any holiday!

    • Hahah I think most people would think that Gina, I don’t blame you! I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised. Well, so far Georgia and Brasil are the two countries I know it off, but there are probably even more. Yess, for an exploring holiday for sure!

  • The pictures definitely make this place look amazing and it is on my list especially now British Airways fly there direct.

    • I had no idea they did!! Thank you for telling me Anne. Unfortunately from Amsterdam still a layover, from a few hours which is useless to spent outside in another city 🙁 I hope you take advantage of it soon!

  • I had heard of Georgia but I really wasn’t 100% where it was. These photos look incredible and I’ll have to add it to my bucket list for sure!

    • Well I’m glad I could help you with that Sally! Definitely and put it at number 1 too:)

  • Christina Pfeiffer

    These are lovely photos of a place that is not that well known. That bridge looks pretty funky! And Georgia looks like it has some amazing scenery. Must visit one day.

  • Like you, we think it’s amazing to visit places before they become too popular with other tourists! The scenery looks incredible, especially that mountain photo! Thanks for sharing another wonderful destination we will have to check out!

    • Exactly, I love to know what a country really is like and I’m glad you think the same Megan! It does huh, truly breathtaking. Definitely, you won’t regret it!

  • Natasha Welch

    Never thought of visiting Georgia but it does look absolutely stunning!

  • Ariel Samangka

    These reasons made me want to pack my stuff right this moment and fly to Geogia. I have long been dreaming to visit USA, I hope I can make it before long. Your photos are really stunning as it rhymes with your beautiful choice of words.

    • Good to know, but if you want to visit the USA this Georgia is the wrong Georgia for you 🙂 This is actually a country located on the border of Asia and Europe, bordered by Iran, Turkey, Russia and Azerbijan. Thank you for the compliment Ariel!

  • Julie Kern

    I’ve been wanting to go here, and this just makes me want to move it to the top of my bucket list even more!! THanks for posting

  • Paige Brown

    I would also think of Georgia in the States – I think that’s normal being from the states. But HOLY COW the country looks absolutely incredible! I’ve never heard of food specialty from Georgia, but if it’s all about the herbs and flavors I think i would love it! These photos looks seriously stunning and I would love to get there before it becomes overrun by tourists!

    • Haha well, I don’t know, I can’t judge about that. I know right?! Doesn’t it look insane?! It is. Really, my friend said that she has never met anyone who doesn’t like her and her moms Georgian food. Everyone loves it. Definitely, although I think it will take some years, but still. It’s better to go there in early stages.

  • Cori Carl

    That two rivers photo is amazing! This won’t be my next destination, but I’d love to do a trip to some of the countries on the Black Sea.

    • Glad you love that as much as I do, I cannot wait to make my own shot or hopefully dronevideo from it. That sounds really nice, which countries would you like to visit there?

  • Georgia is already on my list. I also hear it is a cost effective destination (Well, compared to western europe) – is that right? Look at the awesome shot of Vardzia. So beautiful. I would go just for 2 reasons – underrated and nature!

    • I’m glad that Georgia is already on your list. To be frank, Georgia is not a cheap destination.. The food is really tasty (and cheaper than in western europe, but by no means asia cheap). Vardzia wasn’t on one of these photos, sorry for confusing you!! But it still looks great I agree:) Those are two great reasons to go!

  • These are all great reasons to visit Georgia. Like you I’ve never met anyone from the country, but I have heard it is quite charming. Love your pictures, especially of the outdoors and nature. I hope to get there soon 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’m glad you liked it and also I’m glad that you already heard about it:) The photographers are truly a talented few indeed, go there 🙂 I hope to get there soon too.

  • Hi Manon!

    These photos are amazing! I especially love those mountains and waterfalls, gorgeous scenes. I would love to see them in person someday 🙂

    xo Gennifer

    • Hi Gennifer, thank you! The nature is truly breathtaking there I think. So different from what I’m used to, a bit more like Mongolia, but combined with a lot of other countries haha. Do it! 🙂

  • It looks just beautiful For many years, I too thought this was in the US, until I found out there were two. It’s such an incredible place, with incredible landscapes. Your photos here have done it a great justice.

    • I heard that quite often yes, but I’m glad you found out that there are two. It truly looks incredible doesn’t it? Those photos are unfortunately not mine, yet haha. I will hopefully make them soon.

  • Wanderers Hub

    I definitely knew about Georgia of the USA but not Turkey. Lovely pictures and well-written blog. I would love to visit this place one day.

    • Haha, everyone knows of the Georgia of the USA yes, but Georgia is its own country and not a part or province from Turkey 🙂 Thank you so much, you definitely should!

  • Erika Bisbocci

    Whenever I tell people I want to go to Georgia, they respond “where, like Atlanta?” Hahah. You’ve made a really good case for visiting Georgia and your photos are beautiful. I’ve never heard of the two colored river, but it is so interesting that I’ll definitely have to research it more! Can’t wait to actually visit Georgia and to do some hiking in those mountains!

    • Hahahah, and you just said; well, sort of? :p Thank you Erika, unfortunately those aren’t mine but I can’t wait until I actually make them too:) I will put the name of the place where you can find the river in it too, I accidentely removed that.. Same here, I already know you will love it!

  • Subhadrika Sen

    This is a beautiful place as it comes out from the photographs. I have never been to Georgia and to be honest it wasnt anywhere on the top ten of my bucketlist but now that I have seen the beauty of this place it might find a spot there. Thanks for sharing this post and making me knowledgeable about this amazing place.

  • Adelheid Bethanny

    You are right. Georgia is super underrated and overlooked when it comes to traveling. I knew that Georgia would be a good place for me to travel since it’s one of the places where I don’t have to request for a visa. And your article made me want to visit Georgia even more!

  • Travel Lushes

    Cynthia and Nicholas from the Journal of Nomads went there and it looks amazing. My hubby also went there earlier this year and he really liked it too. You’re right – it’s very underrated. I don’t know many people who have Georgia on their bucket lists or even know it’s a country (as you said, many Americans especially just know of the US state). I like that it’s unspoiled by tourists. Your photos show how beautiful a place can be when untouched by tourism.

  • Seems like such a lovely place to visit before tourism booms – from what i’m noticing, Georgia is slowly becoming more and more popular amongst the travel community.
    Not gonna lie, my heart skipped a bit when I saw the photo of Stepantsminda. It’s gorgeous, the hiker in me got a bit excited 😛
    Thanks for introducing this amazing place to us 🙂