10 gorgeous Spanish villages you should add to your bucketlist asap

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I’m on a mediterranean tour these past weeks, first I was telling you guys why you shouldn’t skip Portugal while you’re travelling around Europe and now there are ten beautiful and authentic Spanish villages/ small cities waiting for you here below.

We all know Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia and Sevilla, but I would be very surprised if you guys are familiar with these places. I haven’t been to these places yet but they’re on my list for a very long time. So how did I find these pearls then you ask me?

I pay close attention to a lot of different things, it might be a city where a movie once shot and I searched for the name of the city or I just looked at Google Maps and zoomed in at a random part of Spain and after that I clicked on random names of villages and cities to see how they looked like. This is true, it might sound a bit weird (but well, I am weird and I don’t care) but I’ve found the most beautiful cities and villages by doing this. Overall, I’m just a nerd who’s addicted to finding the cutest places you can imagine.

The villages and small cities vary from being the Santorini of Spain to looking like an old town where you’re going to think the time has stood still. From coastalvillages till places on the top of a mountain (mountains are a huge deal for us Dutch people, we don’t have them, unless you’re counting 300 meters above sea level as a mountain, okay fine, that’s a mountain to us), it is all in this list.

You can walk around for hours, get lost in small cities where you’ll be on a familiar place without no- time again, but where you can also sit somewhere in the middle or at the end of the little village to enjoy your surroundings and the beauty that Spain has to offer besides the big and crowded cities where cars are rushing through the red light while almost crashing into you. And let’s be fair, you can’t skip those big cities either, but if I had to choose between the crowded cities or adorable and authentic villages it’s an easy pick.

So don’t dissapoint me with this one, add these to your never-ending travellist as we speak, or a better sentence might be as we read. Go on that roadtrip around Europe you’re dreaming of, or of that roadtrip through Spain, and make sure you’re not skipping these 10 lovely places. And if anyone wonders how I can have an opinion about places I’ve never been to then here’s your answer. I’ve been to Spain countless of times (I came there at first when I was five I believe), so I know how the people are and besides that, I did my research. I saw endless and endless of photos of these places, so I think it is only fair if I can have my opinion about these then.

Credit: Mugor

Cuenca is a small city which lays between Madrid and Valencia. The city is one of the least populated regions of Europe so that means more room for us, obviously! It is a world heritage site, duh and is built on the steep sides of a mountain, so people with fear of heights, this might be a challenge for you but a wonderful challenge though.


Credit: Paolo Trabattoni

Frigiliana is one of those villages that you’re probably dreaming of visiting forever. It has a Santorini vibe and if you look at the small streets you’ll be completely in love, only one downside to Santorini, it is 5 miles inland and about a 40 minute car drive from Malaga airport. But ah well, who cares if this is your view?!


Credit: Flickr profile: The very honest man. Dude, you make awesome shots and if you happen to see that I used your photo please give me your name so I can credit you in a better way.

Ronda is another gem that is ‘close’ to Malaga, if close means more than a one hour drive from the airport to the village. It lays in the middle of Sevilla, Marbella and Malaga, and it is all more than a one hour drive to get there, and taking a train is taking you more than two hours. But in the end it will be so worth it to see a village ‘almost’ crashing of a mountain. Kidding, it has been there for a reallyyyyy long time.

Credit: César Alonso Ferreras

Cáceres is really in the middle of nowhere which makes visiting it even more fun! Think of all the adventures you’ll go through when you’re on a roadtrip and visit this place. The nearest international airports are either Lisbon, Sevilla or Madrid. Yeah. So that means you’ll have to drive between 250- 300 km to get there, unless you’ll take a domestic flight and then the nearest airport is 90 km. But the roadtrip sounds way more fun. One roadtrip to Cácared for me please!

Credit: Xavier

Cadaques is looking quite like one of the many Santorini’s of Spain, it is next to the water (which you can see, obviously, that rimes, anyway) and the houses are white, not the roofs though but that isn’t needed because it still needs to be it’s own kind of village and has it’s own charm. It is located in Northern Catalonia and also close to the French border. There is a saying about two flies huh?

Credit: Nico

Nerja is quite a more touristy one located on the Costa del Sol, however don’t hold you back because I said that. It isn’t dominated by ugly concrete hotels, and it has 13 km of beaches, so there is definitely a lot of room for you to enjoy. And besides, most people will just stay on the most crowded places, however, I know for a fact you won’t do that. Also, it is only 50 km away from Malaga and you can only get there by bus or car.

Credit: David Iliff

Toledo is a quite bigger one and is close to Madrid, but still not one of those massive cities and neither is it a place everyone has heard of. It is one of those bigger cities that it is completely safe to get lost in, so go ahead, get lost. Explore everything that Toledo has to offer, you won’t be dissapointed to say the least.

Credit: Raúl A

Llanes is located in the North of Spain, close to cities as Santander and Gijón. A small, but adorable city with around 12.000 inhabitants, some of the cutest houses you’ll ever see and mountains nearby. That truly sounds like a dream, and one of few places in this list where I had a lot of trouble finding photos of. However, that doesn’t mean that the others are photographed that much, nope, this place just is even less photographed than the others.

Credits: bernardpez
Credits: bernardpez

Alquézar is really close to the Pyrenees and is quite far away from any big city, however, it is quite close to Huesca. Furthermore, this village has around 300 inhabitants! It’s even smaller than my village, it is so cool. My village (I’m the owner obviously) has around 350-400 people citizens. The smaller villages are the more authentic they also are, people care a lot about their neighbours and their family and friends but also towards people in general. And seriously, if you have such a great mentality (if I may say so myself, already did it anyways) and you have such an amazing view, seriously I’m going to stop writing this post and grab my suitcase for a trip to that village. You in?

Castellfollit de la Roca
Credit: SBA73 (Flickr profile)

Castellfollit de la Roca is also nearby the Pyrenees and is quite close to Gerona, not really, but closer than Barcelona for example. The entire town, of around 1000 people, and their houses are constructed on a narrow sliver of a cliff. Again, not for people who are afraid of heights I guess, but thinking that those houses are going to fall into the valley isn’t a good thought, they are standing here for years and years, so no worries.

And woops, all of a sudden it was over. There they were, the ten cute, adorable, cosy and must-travel-to villages/ small cities in lovely España. I hope you liked them and added them to your bucketlist right away. Now I am really curious, did one of you knew some of these places already? Or were they all new to you? Let me know in the comments below. Without further ado, enjoy your day, don’t forget to buy a ticket to your next destination and have fun on your next trip (even if those are trips you’re dreaming of, just enjoy your dream and then, one day, you’ll be able to fulfill them).

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  • Patricia Steffy

    Wow!! I’m not sure where I’d want to start, but I want to see them all! I think maybe I’d be inclined to begin with Cadaques or Frigiliana — no matter what, I need to get to Spain ASAP!

    • I’m glad you like them Patricia! I’m also in doubt where to start but we for sure need to visit all of these, it will be so worth it!